West Virginia School Laws Annotated

Contains Chapters 18 and 18A and is fully up to date with statutes enacted through the 2013 Regular and Extraordinary Sessions of the Legislature.

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As publishers of Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated, we are pleased to offer to the legal and Education community a new West Virginia School Laws Annotated, 2013 Edition. This edition contains Chapters 18 and 18A and is fully up to date with statutes enacted through the 2013 Regular and Extraordinary Sessions of the Legislature. We have included a convenient listing of sections affected by recent legislation immediately following the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation 

Chapter 18. Education

Article 1. Definitions; Limitations of Chapter; Goals for Education

Article 2. State Board of Education

Article 2A. Adoption of Instructional Resources

Article 2B. Area Vocational Program

Article 2C. Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying Prohibition

Article 2D. Community Education

Article 2E. High Quality Educational Programs

Article 2F. Incentives and Results Based Scholarship Program, § § 18-2F-1 to 18-2F-9 [Repealed]

Article 2G. School Library Media Improvement Grant Program

Article 2H. Public Notice and Participation in State-Mandated Educational Reform

Article 2I. Staff Development Councils

Article 2J. Public and Higher Education Unified Educational Technology Strategic Plan

Article 2K. The Diabetes Care Plan Act

Article 3. State Superintendent of Schools

Article 4. County Superintendent of Schools

Article 5. County Board of Education

Article 5A. Local School Involvement

Article 5B. School Innovation Zones Act

Article 5C. Committee Reorganized and Collaborative Team Waivers

Article 6. Driver Education

Article 7. Adult Literacy Education Program

Article 7A. State Teachers Retirement System

Article 7B. Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System

Article 7C. Merger of Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System with State Teachers Retirement System [Repealed]

Article 7D. Voluntary Transfer from Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System to State Teachers Retirement System

Article 8. Compulsory School Attendance

Article 8A. Attendance of Homeless Children

Article 9. School Finances

Article 9A. Public School Support

Article 9B. State Board of School Finance

Article 9C. State Aid for Construction, Renovation, and Remodeling of School Buildings and Equipping of the Same

Article 9D. School Building Authority

Article 9E. Air Quality in New Schools Act

Article 9F. School Access Safety Act

Article 10. Federal Aid and Gifts for Educational Purposes

Article 10A. Rehabilitation Services

Article 10B. Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities

Article 10C. The Southern Regional Education Compact

Article 10D. Compact for Education

Article 10E. Interstate Compact on Qualifications of Educational Personnel

Article 10F. Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Article 10H. Albert Yanni Programs of Excellence in Vocational-Technical Education

Article 10I. West Virginia Supported Employment Program

Article 10J. Blind Persons' Literacy Rights and Education Act

Article 10O. Disability History Week

Article 13. West Virginia EDGE

Article 16. Antihazing Law

Article 17. West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Article 19. Educational Opportunities for Children and Spouses of Deceased Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen

Article 20. Education of Exceptional Children

Article 21. Special Community-Based Pilot Demonstration Project to Improve Outcomes for At-Risk Youth

Article 25. Tax Deferred Investments for Teachers and Other Employees

Article 26A. State Autism Training Center [Repealed]

Article 28. Private, Parochia,l or Church Schools, or Schools of a Religious Order

Article 29. Grievance Procedure [Repealed]

Article 30. West Virginia College Prepaid Tuition and Savings Program Act

Article 32. Severability

Chapter 18A. School Personnel

Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2. School Personnel

Article 3. Training, Certification, Licensing, Professional Development

Article 3A. Center for Professional Development

Article 3B. Educators' Professional Standards Board

Article 3c. Improving Teaching and Learning

Article 4. Salaries, Wages and Other Benefits

Article 5. Authority; Rights; Responsibility

Article 6. County Retirement Fund

Article 7. Severability

Related Statutes

Chapter 1. The State and Its Subdivisions

Chapter 2. Common Law, Statutes, Legal Holidays, Definitions, and Legal Capacity

Chapter 3. Elections

Chapter 5. General Powers and Authority of the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General; Board of Public Works; Miscellaneous Agencies, Commissions, Offices, Programs, etc.

Chapter 5A. Department of Administration

Chapter 5B. Economic Development Act of 1985

Chapter 5G. Procurement of Architect-Engineer Services by State and its Subdivisions

Chapter 6. General Provisions Respecting Officers

Chapter 6B. Public Officers and Employees; Ethics; Conflicts of Interest; Financial Disclosure

Chapter 6C. Public Employees

Chapter 7. County Commissions and Officers

Chapter 8. Municipal Corporations

Chapter 10. Public Libraries; Public Recreation; Athletic Establishments; Monuments and Memorials; Roster of Servicemen; Educational Broadcasting Authority

Chapter 11. Taxation

Chapter 11A. Collection and Enforcement of Property Taxes

Chapter 12. Public Moneys and Securities

Chapter 13. Public Bonded Indebtedness

Chapter 15. Public Safety

Chapter 16. Public Health

Chapter 17B. Motor Vehicle Driver's Licenses

Chapter 17C. Traffic Regulations and Laws of the Road

Chapter 20. Natural Resources

Chapter 21. Labor

Chapter 23. Workers' Compensation

Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Boards and Officers

Chapter 29A. State Administrative Procedures Act

Chapter 29B. Freedom of Information

Chapter 30. Professions and Occupations

Chapter 36. Estates and Property

Chapter 38. Liens

Chapter 48. Domestic Relations

Chapter 49. Child Welfare

Chapter 59. Fees, Allowances and Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements

Chapter 61. Crimes and Their Punishment

The Constitution of West Virginia

Article IV

Article IX

Article X

Article XII

Amendments to the Constitution

   The Irreducible School Fund Amendment

   Better School Buildings Amendment

User's Guide to the Index