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Laws and Rules of the West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board

Publisher: Michie

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522160519
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522160526
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522160526
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West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Laws and Rules is an ideal volume for human resource professionals, active and retired West Virginia employees, and all attorneys who specialize in pension, benefit or estate law. This fully annotated and indexed edition was compiled from the Michie's West Virginia Code Annotated. It contains statutes related to Salary, Pensions, Benefits, Retirement, and Law Enforcement Retirement Plans. Also includes Legislative Rules pertaining to teh Public Employees Insurance Act and Consolidated Public Retirement Board. In addition, it includes a Table of of Sections affected by the latest legislative session.

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Table of Contents

Sections Affected by Recent Session Legislation 

Chapter 5. General Powers and Authority of the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General; Board of Public Works; Miscellaneous Agencies, Commissions, Offices, Programs, etc.
Chapter 5A. Department of Administration.
Chapter 6. General Provisions Respecting Officers.
Chapter 7. County Commissions and Officers.
Chapter 8. Municipal Corporations.
Chapter 11. Taxation.
Chapter 12. Public Moneys and Securities.
Chapter 15. Public Safety.
Chapter 16. Public Health.
Chapter 17A. Motor Vehicle Administration, Registration, Certificate of Title, and Antitheft Provisions.
Chapter 18. Education.
Chapter 18A. School Personnel.
Chapter 18B. Higher Education.
Chapter 23. Workers' Compensation.
Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Boards and Officers.
Chapter 29A. State Administrative Procedures Act.
Chapter 29B. Freedom of Information.
Chapter 33. Insurance.
Chapter 36. Estates and Property.
Chapter 38. Liens.
Chapter 42. Descent and Distribution.
Chapter 51. Courts & Their Officers.
Chapter 59. Fees, Allowances and Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements.

Title 162. Legislative Rules — Consolidated Public Retirement Board.
Series 1. General Provisions
Series 2. Benefit Determination and Appeal
Series 3. Teachers' Defined Contribution System
Series 4. Teachers' Retirement System
Series 5. Public Employees Retirement System
Series 6. Procedural Rules of the West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board for the Appointment of Representatives to the West Virginia Investment Management Board
Series 7. Refund, Reinstatement, Retroactive Service, Loan and Employer Error Interest Factors
Series 8. Service Credit for Accrued and Unused Sick and Annual Leave
Series 9. West Virginia State Police
Series 10. Deputy Sheriff Retirement System

United States Code Service
Title 26. Internal Revenue Code.
Internal Revenue Service Ruling, 91-4