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Washington Insurance Law

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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ISBN: 9781422493496
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3rd Edition
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Designed for the insurance professional and non-specialist alike, Washington Insurance Law is the reference tool you need to refresh your knowledge of major insurance issues. With easy-to-find key topics, the author gives you his valuable insight and analysis of the statutes, regulations and judicial precedents that govern Washington insurance practice.

Washington Insurance Law discusses the major concepts of insurance practice and lays the foundation for understanding various, more complex types of insurance and insurance disputes. For less than the cost of one hour of consultation, you can have the reference that has been cited in two key insurance cases by the Supreme Court of Washington: Allstate insurance v. Remedios and McRory v. Northern Insurance Company.

The eBook version of this title features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

1 The Insurance Contract
2 Insurer And Insured
3 Insurer And Third-Party Claimant
4 Regulation Of Insurance
5 The Judicial Process
6 Interpretation And Construction Of Insurance Policies
7 Bad Faith And Negligence
8 Consumer Protection Act Claims Against Insurers
9 Insured’s Right To Recover Attorney Fees
10 Scope Of A Claimant’s Right To Proceed Directly Against A Tortfeasor’s Insurer
11 Nature Of The Duty To Defend
12 Duty Of Insurer To Multiple Insureds
13 Determining Whether An Insurer Must Defend
14 Insurer’s Obligations And Alternatives When Responding To Tender Of Defense
15 Impact Of Unconditionally Accepting Tender Of Defense
16 Declination Of Tender Of Defense
17 Providing Defense Subject To Reservation Of Rights
18 Insurer’s Duty To Settle Within Its Policy Limit
19 Standard Of Care For The Evaluation Of Settlement Opportunities
20 Damages Recoverable For Bad-Faith Or Negligent Refusal To Settle
21 Coverage Provided By Comprehensive General Liability Policies
22 General Liability Coverage Is Limited To Damages Caused By “Occurrence”
23 Damage Must Occur During Policy Period
24 Exclusions Limiting General Liability Coverage
25 Automobile Liability Coverage
26 Exclusions Limiting Automobile Liability Coverage
27 Other Forms Of Transportation
28 Homeowner’s Liability Coverage
29 Professional Errors And Omissions Coverage
30 Business Liability Policies
31 The Layering Of Insurance Coverage
32 Claims-Made Liability Policies
33 The UIM Statute
34 Injurious Events Within The Scope Of UIM Coverage
35 The Nature And Purpose Of UIM Coverage
36 The Methodology For Determining The Amount That An Underinsurer Is Obligated To Pay
37 The UIM Arbitration Process
38 Exclusions In UIM Policies
39 Specific Exclusions And Limiting Provisions In UIM Policies
40 UIM Policy Exclusions That Have Been Invalidated
41 Underinsurer Bad Faith
42 Other UIM Issues
43 Automobile Policy Coverages
44 All-Risk Homeowner’s Coverage
45 Life Insurance
46 Health, Disability, And Accidental Death/Injury Policies
47 Fire Damage
48 Coverage For Business And Commercial Losses
49 Title Insurance
50 General Issues Involving First-Party Policies
51 “Other Insurance” Clauses: The Allocation And Apportionment Of Insurers’ Responsibilities To Pay When Multiple Policies Cover The Same Risk
52 An Insurer’s Right To Compel Subrogation And Reimbursement When It Has Paid Its Insured For Damages Caused By A Tortfeasor
53 The Formation Of The Insurance Contract
54 The Renewal And Nonrenewal Of Policies
55 The Cancellation Of Insurance Policies
56 Prohibited Underwriting Practices
57 The Functions Performed By Insurance Agents, Brokers, And Adjusters
58 The Liability Of Insurance Professionals To Insureds And Insurers
59 Automobile Liability Requirements
60 The Washington Insurance Guaranty Association (WIGA)
Table Of Cases
Table Of Statutes