Washington Criminal Practice in Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

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When your criminal practice takes you into courts of limited jurisdiction, be prepared with this invaluable how-to guide. Get in-depth coverage of substantive misdemeanors, criminal traffic offenses, and department of licensing procedures. Sample forms, practice pointers, and checklists make this an indispensable resource for prosecutors and defense attorneys as well as judges.

Volume 1 is devoted to trial practice and procedure. Highlights include:

 •  Right to counsel and expert services
 •  Discovery
 •  Suppression motions
 •  Pretrial motions to dismiss

Volume 2 analyzes the elements and substance of misdemeanors and criminal traffic offenses, while also examining the licensing consequences of convictions for adults, juveniles, and commercial drivers. Other highlights of Volume 2 include:

 •  DUI laws
 •  Wildlife offenses
 •  Speeding offenses and radar
 •  Domestic violence offenses

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction to Washington Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Chapter 2 Ethical Considerations

Chapter 3 Right to Counsel and Expert Services

Chapter 4 Charging the Offense and Amending the Complaint

Chapter 5 Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants

Chapter 6 Preliminary Appearance, Pretrial Release, and Arraignment

Chapter 7 Discovery

Chapter 8 Guilty Pleas and Submittals

Chapter 9 Pretrial Disposition of Misdemeanor Cases

Chapter 10 Managing a Case and a Case Load

Chapter 11 Introduction to Motions Practice

Chapter 12 Joinder and Severance

Chapter 13 Suppression Motions

Chapter 14 Trial Motions

Chapter 15 Pretrial Motions to Dismiss

Chapter 16 Challenges to the Constitutionality of a Statute or an Ordinance

Chapter 17 Prosecutorial Misconduct

Chapter 18 Competency, Insanity, Mental States, and Principles of Liability

Chapter 19 Working with Interpreters

Chapter 20 Selected Trial Issues

Chapter 21 Postverdict Motions

Chapter 22 Sentencing and Contempt Proceedings

Chapter 23 Appellate Practice: Appeals Under RALJ; Writs of Review


Chapter 24 Department of Licensing: Overview, Record-keeping, and Authority to Suspend or Revoke License

Chapter 25 Department of Licensing: Administrative Suspension or Revocation and Review

Chapter 25A Traffic Stops

Chapter 26 Driving While License Is Suspended or Revoked

Chapter 27 Driving Under the Influence

Chapter 28 Financial Responsibility

Chapter 29 Habitual Traffic Offender

Chapter 30 Hit and Run Offenses

Chapter 31 Traffic Infractions

Chapter 32 Juvenile Licensing and Traffic Offenses

Chapter 33 Commercial Driver’s License

Chapter 34 Reckless Driving, Racing, and Neglient Driving

Chapter 35 Speeding Offenses and Radar

Chapter 36 Alcohol and Drug Offenses

Chapter 37 Animal Ownership Offenses: Domestic

Chapter 38 Assault, Reckless Endangerment, and Self-defense

Chapter 39 Domestic Violence: No Contact, Harassment, and Protective Orders

Chapter 40 Harassment Offenses

Chapter 41 Obstructing, False Reporting, and Resisting Arrest

Chapter 42 Property Destruction Offenses

Chapter 43 Prostitution and Misdemeanor Sex Offenses

Chapter 44 Theft Offenses

Chapter 45 Trespass and Vehicle Prowling

Chapter 46 Weapons Offenses



Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

Table of Rules