Washington Appellate Practice Deskbook

The only treatise devoted exclusively to practice in Washington appellate courts, providing not only analysis of the Rules of Appellate Procedure but simple and direct practice tips for both the novice and the experienced appellate lawyer.

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Loose-Leaf:2 Volumes, 1052 pages
4th Edition (2016)
ISBN: 9780881293586
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4th Edition (2016)
ISBN: 9780881290103
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4th Edition (2016)
ISBN: 9780881290103
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In addition to addressing amendments to the Rules of Appellate Procedure, the two volumes of the fourth edition have been reorganized to more efficiently answer questions of appellate practice and procedure—from appealability (final or interlocutory order? applicable standard of review? issue preserved for review?), to staying enforcement of trial court decisions, to administrative law appeals, brief writing, oral argument, Supreme Court practice, and attorney fees and costs on appeal.

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Table of contents


Preface to the Fourth Edition
About the Authors and Editors

Chapter 1:  Guide to Use of This Deskbook
Chapter 2:  A Summary of the Progress of a Case on Review
Chapter 3:  Counseling Clients on Appeal
Chapter 4:  Appeal and Discretionary Review
Chapter 5:  Initiating Review: Who, Where, When, and How
Chapter 6:  Motion for Discretionary Review of Trial Court Acts or Decisions
Chapter 7:  Acceptance of Review and Authority Pending Review
Chapter 8:  Enforcement and Stay of Trial Court Decisions During Review
Chapter 9:  Record on Review
Chapter 10:  Motions
Chapter 11:  Scope of Review and Preservation of Error in the Trial Court
Chapter 12:  Standard of Review
Chapter 13:  Losing the Right to Seek Review by Actions on Appeal
Chapter 14:  Briefs on the Merits
Chapter 15:  Oral Argument
Chapter 16:  Appellate Court Decision and Reconsideration of Decision
Chapter 17:  Costs and Attorney Fees


Chapter 18:  Review by the Supreme Court of a Court of Appeals Decision
Chapter 19:  Amicus Curiae Practice
Chapter 20:  When Review is Over
Chapter 21:  Judicial Review on the Record of an Administrative Action
Chapter 22:  Special Proceedings in the Supreme Court
Chapter 23:  Right of Indigent Party to Review at Public Expense
Chapter 24:  Personal Restraint Petitions and Post-Sentence Petitions by the
  Department of Corrections
Chapter 25:  Supreme Court Review of Lawyer Discipline Proceedings
Chapter 26:  General Procedural and Supplemental Provisions
Chapter 27:  United States Supreme Court Review of Decisions of Washington Appellate

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of References
Subject Index