Warren's Weed New York Real Property

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9780820563183
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ISBN: 9781579112172
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781579112172
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Use the definitive source for New York real property law as recognized by the courts, accepted by the market, and only available from LexisNexis. Warren's Weed: New York Real Property is recognized by the courts and market as the authoritative treatise on New York real property law.

Warren's Weed: New York Real Property is organized alphabetically by volume and chapter for easy access and published three times per year. The current edition was revised under the supervision of a five-member Editorial Board, with chapters prepared by seasoned experts on New York real estate law. A comprehensive Subject Index also aids in targeting research. Chapters contain up-to-date discussion of New York real estate law pertaining to a broad array of real estate topic including the following:

•   Attorney-in-Fact and Agency Powers
•   Brownfields Law in NY
•   Common Ownership of Real Estate
•   Condominiums
•   Contracts
•   Cooperatives
•   Corporations and Other Business Entities
•   Decedent's Real Property
•   Easements
•   Leasing and Rent Regulation
•   Life Estates and Tenancy Proceedings
•   Limited Liability Companies
•   Maps and Boundaries
•   Mechanics' Liens
•   Mining of Natural Resources
•   Mortgages
•   Zoning
•   and other areas of NY Real Property practice from A to Z.

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Table of contents


1 Abstracts of Title

2 Acknowledgments

3 Actions and Special Proceedings

4 Adirondack Park Land Use and Management

5 Adverse Possession

6 Airspace Rights and Transferable Development Rights

7 Aliens and Their Property Rights

8 Arbitration

9 Attachment

10 Attorneys at Law

11 Attorney?in?Fact and Agency Powers


12 Banks

13 Bankruptcy

14 Billboard and Sign Regulation

15 Bona Fide Purchaser

16 Bonds

17 Brokers

18 Brownfields Law in New York

20 Caveat Emptor

21 Champerty

22 Charitable Uses and Trusts

23 Churches and Religious Organizations

24 Claims to Real Property

25 Closing of Title

26 Coastal Zone Management


27 Common Ownership of Real Estate

28 Condemnation

29 Condominiums

30 Condominium Conversions

31 [Reserved]

32 Contracts


33 Cooperatives

34 Corporations and Other Business Entities

35 Death

36 Decedent's Real Property

37 Deeds

38 Description

39 Earth, Soil and Stone


40 Easements

41 Ejectment

42 Encroachments

43 Equitable Conversion

44 Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

45 Equitable Liens

46 Escrow

47 Estates in Real Property

48 Estoppel

49 Ethical Considerations for Land?Use Lawyers

50 Evidence and Proof of Facts In Real Property Actions and Proceedings

51 Exceptions and Reservations

52 Executing on Real Property Interests in Pursuance of Enforcement of Money Judgment

53 Fences

54 Fiduciaries and Fiduciary Dispositions of Real Property of Decedents and Others

55 Fire

56 Fixtures

57 Forgery

58 Fraud

59 Gifts


60 Government?Assisted Housing and Community Development Programs

61 Historic District and Landmark Preservation

62 Holidays

63 Husband and Wife

64 Improvements

65 Indian Property Rights

66 Infants, Incompetents, and Others Under Legal Disability and Their Representatives

67 Injunctions

68 Insolvent's Discharge

69 Inspection of Property

70 Insurance

71 Interest

72 Issue

73 Judgments for Money

74 Judgments Generally


75 Judicial Sales

76 Jurisdiction: Subject Matter

77 Land Under Water

78 Land Use Controls?State and Regional

79 Lateral and Subjacent Support

80 Leasing of Property: Creation and Operation of Leases

81 Leasing of Property: Assignments and Subleases

82 Leasing of Property: Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants
83 Leasing of Property: Rent Regulations

84 Leasing of Property: Commercial Leases

85 License


86 Life Estates and Tenancy Proceedings

87 Limitation of Actions

88 Limited Liability Companies

89 Lis Pendens (Notice of Pendency)

90 Maps and Boundaries

91 Marketability of Title

92 Mechanics' Liens

93 Merger

94 Mining of Natural Resources


95 Mortgages

96 Mortgage Foreclosure

97 Multiple Dwellings and Building Construction

98 Municipal Corporations and Public Officers

99 Name


100 Nuisance

101 Options

102 Parks

103 Partition

104 Party Walls

105 Personal Property

106 Powers of Sale

107 Publication

108 Publication Affidavits

109 Public Housing

110 Public Lands

111 Quit?Claim Deed

112 Railroads

113 Real Estate


114 Receivers

115 Recording

116 Referee

117 Reformation

118 Regulatory Takings

119 Remainders

120 Rent Strikes

121 Restrictive Covenants


122 Signature

123 Solid and Hazardous Wastes

124 Specific Performance

125 Streets and Highways

126 Subdivisions and Site Plan Review

127 Subordination Agreement

128 Subrogation

129 Summary Proceedings


130 Summons, Complaint and the Commencement of Actions and Proceedings

131 Surveys

132 Tax Certiorari Valuation

133 Taxes Affecting Real Property

134 Tax Foreclosure

135 Telecommunications and Power Companies

136 Title

137 Title Insurance


138 Trees

139 Trespass

140 Trusts

141 Unborn Children

142 United States Lands

143 United States Liens

144 Unknown Parties

145 Urban Renewal

146 Use and Occupancy

147 Usury

148 Venue

149 Verification

150 Waste

151 Water

152 Wetlands

153 Wild Lands

154 Yellowstone Injunctions


155 Zoning: Nature and Authority

156 Zoning: Districts and Uses

157 Zoning: Bulk and Design Regulation and Flexible Techniques

158 Zoning: Construction, Applicability and Effect

159 Zoning: Amendment and Repeal

160 Zoning: Nonconforming Uses, Buildings and Lots

161 Zoning: Variances and Special Permits

162 Zoning: Enforcement

163 Zoning: Judicial Review and Relief

Subject Index