Valuation and Distribution of Marital Property

A guide to property disposition in community property and equitable distribution jurisdictions

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Print Book:3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year
ISBN: 9780820511337
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ISBN: 9781579112370
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This guide to property disposition in community property and equitable distribution jurisdictions covers:

•  Latest tax issues relating to the disposition of property
•  Use of accountants, appraisers, and pension evaluators
•  Valuation of real property
•  Valuation of small businesses including closely held corporations
•  Valuation of a professional practice
•  Valuation of intangible assets including a degree or license
•  Valuation of ERISA and non-ERISA pension plans; drafting the QDRO
•  The characterization and division of community property
•  Antenuptial, postnuptial and property settlement agreements
•  Possession, sale and distribution of the marital home
•  Conflicts of law

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Basic Property Disposition Rules 

Chapter 2 Reserved

Chapter 3 Overview of Statutes Governing Property Distribution

Chapter 4 Property Disposition in Agreements--Antenuptial, Postnuptial and Separation

Chapters 5-9 Reserved

Chapter 10 Conflicts of Law Problems in the Division of Marital Property

Chapter 11 Interim Property Transfer Stays

Chapter 12 Possession, Sale and Distribution of the Marital Home

Chapter 13 Creditors' Rights in the Distribution of Marital Property

Chapters 14-17 Reserved

Chapter 18 Property Subject to Equitable Distribution

Chapter 19 Determining Factors in Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

Chapter 20 The Characterization and Division of Community Property

Chapter 21 Discovery of Identity and Value of Marital Property and Use of Experts

Chapter 22 Valuation of a Closely Held Corporation, Small Business or Professional Practice

Chapter 23 Intangible Assets Recognition and Valuation

Chapter 24 the Use of Estate Planning Precedents to Evaluate Marital Property

Chapter 25 Professional and Business Goodwill

Chapter 26 Reserved

Chapter 27 Valuation of Real Property

Chapter 28 Reserved

Chapter 29 Use of Appraisers in the Valuation of Marital Property

Chapter 30 Use of Home Economist in Valuation of Marital Property

Chapters 31-40 Reserved

Chapter 41 the Relationship Between Property Distribution and Spousal and Child Support

Chapter 42 Tax Problems Related to the Division of Marital Property

Chapters 43-44 Reserved

Chapter 45 Valuation, Assignment, and Distribution of Pension Assets in Divorce

Chapter 46 Procedures for Evaluating Retirement Entitlements Under Non-ERISA Retirement Systems For Marriage Dissolution

Chapter 47 Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Chapter 47 Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Chapter 48 Uniform Marital Property Act