Utah Corporation and Business Law Manual

Features the annotated statutes, administrative rules, official forms, and commentary relating to the incorporation and governance of business entities in Utah.

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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663302649
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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663302656
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This comprehensive reference features the annotated statutes, administrative rules, official forms, and commentary relating to the incorporation and governance of business entities in Utah.

Features include:

•   Updates through the most recent session of the Utah Legislature
•   Case annotations, research references, and editor's notes from the Utah Code Annotated and the Utah Administrative Code
•   Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation
•   Comprehensive index and table of contents providing quick access to each area of the law
•   Annual replacement edition

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Table of contents

Sections Affected by 2020 Legislation

Title 12. Collection Agencies
Chapter 1. General Provisions, 12-1-1 to 12-1-11

Title 13. Commerce and Trade
Chapter 1. Department of Commerce, 13-1-1 to 13-1-16
Chapter 1a. Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, 13-1a-1 to 13-1a-9

Title 16. Corporations
Chapter 4. Share Assessment Act, 16-4-1 to 16-4-312
Chapter 6. Nonprofit Corporations [Repealed]
Chapter 6a. Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, 16-6a-101 to 16-6a-1705
Chapter 7. Corporations Sole, 16-7-1 to 16-7-16
Chapter 10a. Utah Revised Business Corporation Act, 16-10a-101 to 16-10a-1902
Chapter 10b. Benefit Corporation Act, 16-10b-101 to 16-10b-402
Chapter 11. Professional Corporation Act, 16-11-1 to 16-11-16
Chapter 12. Real Estate Investment Trust Act, 16-12-1 to 16-12-6
Chapter 13. Business Development Corporations, 16-13-1 to 16-13-12
Chapter 15. Utah Business Trust Registration Act, 16-15-101 to 16-15-1102
Chapter 16. Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act, 16-16-101 to 16-16-1703
Chapter 17. Model Registered Agents Act, 16-17-101 to 16-17-404

Title 42. Names
Chapter 2. Conducting Business Under Assumed Name, 42-2-5 to 42-2-11

Title 46. Notarization and Authentication of Documents, Electronic Signatures and Legal Material
Chapter 2. Commissioners of Deeds [Repealed]
Chapter 3. Utah Digital Signature Act [Repealed]
Chapter 4. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, 46-4-101 to 46-4-503

Title 48. Unincorporated Business Entity Act
Chapter 1. General and Limited Liability Partnerships [Repealed]
Chapter 1a. General Provisions [Repealed]
Chapter 1b. Utah Uniform Partnership Act [Repealed]
Chapter 1c. General Provisions, 48-1c-101
Chapter 1d. Utah Uniform Partnership Act, 48-1d-101 to 48-1d-1405
Chapter 2a. Utah Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act [Repealed]
Chapter 2b. Utah Limited Liability Company Act [Repealed]
Chapter 2c. Utah Revised Limited Liability Company Act [Repealed]
Chapter 2d. Utah Uniform Limited Partnership Act [Repealed]
Chapter 2e. Utah Uniform Limited Partnership Act, 48-2e-101 to 48-2e-1205
Chapter 3. Utah Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act [Repealed]
Chapter 3a. Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, 48-3a-101 to 48-3a-1405
Chapter 4. Benefit Limited Liability Company Act, 48-4-101 to 48-4-402

Title 59. Revenue and Taxation
Chapter 1. General Taxation Policies, 59-1-501, 59-1-1402, 59-1-1403, 59-1-1410, 59-1-1414
Chapter 7. Corporate Franchise and Income Taxes, 59-7-101 to 59-7-903
Chapter 10. Individual Income Tax Act, 59-10-516.1, 59-10-1022, 59-10-1112, 59-10-1401 to 59-10-1405

Title 63. State Affairs in General
Chapter 30d. Governmental Immunity Act of Utah [Renumbered/Repealed]

Title 63D. Information Technology Act
Chapter 1. Information Technology Act [Renumbered/Repealed]
Chapter 1a. State Information Technology Act [Repealed]

Title 63F. Utah Technology Governance Act
Chapter 1. Department of Technology Services, 63F-1-203, 63F-1-505
Chapter 3. Single Sign-On Portal, 63F-3-101 to 63F-3-104

Title 63G. General Government
Chapter 7. Governmental Immunity Act of Utah, 63G-7-401

Title 63M. Governor’s Programs
Chapter 1. Governor’s Office of Economic Development, 63M-1-2701 to 63M-1-2707 [Renumbered]

Title 63N. Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Chapter 3. Economic Development Programs, 63N-3-301 to 63N-3-307

Title 70. Trademarks and Trade Names
Chapter 3. Trademarks and Service Marks [Repealed]
Chapter 3a. Registration and Protection of Trademarks and Service Marks Act, 70-3a-101 to 70-3a-502

Utah Administrative Code.
R154-100. Utah Administrative Procedures Act Rules, R154-100-1, R154-100-2