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Utah Code Unannotated

A space-saving unannotated edition of the complete Utah code in 7 volumes with court rules.
Publisher: LexisNexis
Print Book :7 volumes, softbound, replaced annually
2017 Edition
In Stock
ISBN: 9781522128991
Publisher: LexisNexis
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This newest edition of Utah Code Unannotated is a space-saving but full-featured statute set without annotations, and contains:

• The entire Utah Code
• State and federal constitutions
• State and local federal court rules
• Tables of the most recent legislation
• Mini-histories of each statute so you can see when it was last affected
• A comprehensive index

Utah Code Unannotated is published in a convenient, concise and portable softbound, 7-volume format, and is economically priced and replaced annually so you can easily keep your reference materials up-to-date. This is the perfect companion set to our full Utah Code Annotated. Keep the annotated set in your firm's law library, and keep this convenient unannotated set within arms' reach at your desk for quick reference to the text of statutes and rules.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Title 1 Abstracters and Abstracts of Title [Repealed]

Title 2 Aeronautics [Renumbered]

Title 3 Uniform Agricultural Cooperative Association Act

Title 4 Utah Agricultural Code

Title 5 Agricultural Department — Marketing [Repealed]

Title 6 Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

Title 7 Financial Institutions

Title 8 Cemeteries

Title 9 Heritage, Arts, Libraries, and Cultural Development

Title 10 Utah Municipal Code

Title 11 Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units

Title 12 Collection Agencies

Title 13 Commerce and Trade

Title 14 Contractors’ Bonds

Title 15 Contracts and Obligations in General

Title 15A State Construction and Fire Codes Act

Title 16 Corporations

Title 17 Counties

Title 17A Local Government Controlled Districts [Renumbered/Repealed]

Title 17B Limited Purpose Local Government Entities — Local Districts

Title 17C Limited Purpose Local Government Entities — Community Reinvestment Agency Act

Title 17D Limited Purpose Local Government Entities — Other Entities

Title 18 Dogs

Title 19 Environmental Quality Code

Volume 2

Title 20 Elections [Repealed]

Title 20A Election Code

Title 21 Fees [Renumbered]

Title 22 Fiduciaries and Trusts

Title 23 Wildlife Resources Code

Title 24 Forfeiture and Disposition of Property Act

Title 25 Fraud

Title 26 Utah Health Code

Title 26A Local Health Authorities

Title 27 Highways [Renumbered]

Title 28 Homesteads [Repealed]

Title 29 Hotels and Hotel Keepers

Title 30 Husband and Wife

Title 31 Insurance [Repealed]

Title 31A Insurance Code

Title 32 Intoxicating Liquors [Repealed]

Title 32A Alcoholic Beverage Control Act [Repealed]

Title 32B Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

Title 33 Investments [Repealed]

Title 34 Labor in General

Title 34A Utah Labor Code

Title 35 Labor — Industrial Commission [Renumbered]

Title 35A Utah Workforce Services Code

Title 36 Legislature

Title 37 Libraries [Renumbered]

Title 38 Liens

Title 39 Militia and Armories

Title 40 Mines and Mining

Volume 3

Title 41 Motor Vehicles

Title 42 Names

Title 43 Negotiable Certificates

Title 44 Negotiable Instruments [Repealed]

Title 45 Publication and Broadcasting

Title 46 Notarization and Authentication of Documents and Electronic Signatures

Title 47 Nuisances

Title 48 Unincorporated Business Entity Act

Title 49 Utah State Retirement and Insurance Benefit Act

Title 50 Pools and Trusts

Title 51 Public Funds and Accounts

Title 52 Public Officers

Title 53 Public Safety Code

Title 53A State System of Public Education

Title 53B State System of Higher Education

Title 53C School and Institutional Trust Lands Management Act

Title 53D School and Institutional Trust Fund

Title 54 Public Utilities

Title 55 Public Welfare

Title 56 Railroads

Title 57 Real Estate

Title 58 Occupations and Professions

Title 58A Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians [Repealed]

Volume 4

Title 59 Revenue and Taxation

Title 60 Sales [Repealed]

Title 61 Securities Division — Real Estate Division

Title 62 Sports [Renumbered]

Title 62A Utah Human Services Code

Title 63 State Affairs in General [Renumbered]

Title 63A Utah Administrative Services Code

Title 63B Bonds

Title 63C State Commissions and Councils

Title 63D Information Technology Act

Title 63E Independent Entities Code

Title 63F Utah Technology Governance Act

Title 63G General Government

Title 63H Independent State Entities

Title 63I Oversight

Title 63J Budgeting

Title 63K Emergency Management [Renumbered]

Title 63L Lands

Title 63M Governor’s Programs

Title 63N Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Title 64 State Institutions

Title 65 State Lands [Repealed]

Title 65A Forestry, Fire, and State Lands

Title 66 State Loan Commissioners [Repealed]

Title 67 State Officers and Employees

Title 68 Statutes

Title 69 Telegraphic and Telephonic Transactions

Volume 5

Title 70 Trademarks and Trade Names

Title 70A Uniform Commercial Code

Title 70B Utah Uniform Consumer Credit Code [Repealed]

Title 70C Utah Consumer Credit Code

Title 70D Financial Institution Mortgage Financing Regulation Act

Title 71 Veterans

Title 72 Transportation Code

Title 73 Water and Irrigation

Title 74 Wills and Successions [Repealed]

Title 75 Utah Uniform Probate Code

Title 76 Utah Criminal Code

Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure

Title 78 Judicial Code [Renumbered]

Title 78A Judiciary and Judicial Administration

Title 78B Judicial Code

Title 79 Natural Resources

Constitution of the United States

Constitution of Utah


Volume 6

Utah Rules of Civil Procedure

Utah Rules of Small Claims Procedure

Utah Rules of Court-Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution

Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure

Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure

Utah Supreme Court Standing Orders

Utah Rules of Juvenile Procedure

Utah Rules of Evidence

Rules of Practice of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah

Local Rules of Practice of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah

Rules of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit

Code of Judicial Administration

Volume 7