United States Supreme Court Cases and Comments: Criminal Law and Procedure

An overview of Supreme Court cases, and summaries and analysis of every criminal law and procedure case decided by the Court since the 1979-80 term.

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This five-volume treatise provides an analysis of United States Supreme Court case law on a variety of constitutional issues, with a concentration on those issues critical to criminal proceedings. Part I offers an overview of Supreme Court cases interpreting:

  •   the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments;
  •   the remedies for constitutional infringements;
  •   the right to privacy;
  •   the constitutionality of federal penal legislation under the Commerce Clause;
  •   the constitutionally of state-directed mandates under the Necessary and Proper Clause; and
  •   extradition.

Citations to pertinent statutes, rules, and lower court decisions are included. Part II contains summaries and detailed legal analyses of every major criminal law-related case decided by the Supreme Court since its 1979-1980 Term, as well as important non-criminal cases addressing the issues discussed in Part I. Each chapter in Part II covers a different Term, with cases organized according to the relevant constitutional amendment or type of action. In the first release of each year, a new chapter is added to Part II covering the recently concluded Supreme Court Term. The second release of the year updates the analysis in Part I with the principles announced in the case law from the previous Term.

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Table of contents


Part I Survey of the Law

CHAPTER 1 The Fourth Amendment

CHAPTER 2 The Fifth Amendment

CHAPTER 3 The Sixth Amendment

CHAPTER 4 The Eighth Amendment

CHAPTER 5 The Fourteenth Amendment


CHAPTER 5A The First Three Amendments

CHAPTER 5B Remedies for Constitutional Infringements

CHAPTER 5C The Constitutional Right of Privacy

CHAPTER 5D Constitutionality of Federal Penal Legislation Under Commerce Clause

CHAPTER 5E Supreme Court's New Federalism in Context of Federal Legislation

CHAPTER 5F Extradition

CHAPTER 5G The Fifteenth Amendment

Part II Case Summaries and Analysis

CHAPTER 6 The 1979-1980 Term

CHAPTER 7 The 1980-1981 Term

CHAPTER 8 The 1981-1982 Term

CHAPTER 9 The 1982-1983 Term


CHAPTER 10 The 1983-1984 Term

CHAPTER 11 The 1984-1985 Term

CHAPTER 12 The 1985-1986 Term

CHAPTER 13 The 1986-1987 Term

CHAPTER 14 The 1987-1988 Term

CHAPTER 15 The 1988-1989 Term

CHAPTER 16 The 1989-1990 Term

CHAPTER 17 The 1990-1991 Term


CHAPTER 18 The 1991-1992 Term

CHAPTER 19 The 1992-1993 Term

CHAPTER 20 The 1993-1994 Term

CHAPTER 21 The 1994-1995 Term

CHAPTER 22 The 1995-1996 Term

CHAPTER 23 The 1996-1997 Term

CHAPTER 24 The 1997-1998 Term

CHAPTER 25 The 1998-1999 Term

CHAPTER 26 The 1999-2000 Term

CHAPTER 27 The 2000-2001 Term


CHAPTER 28 The 2001-2002 Term

CHAPTER 29 The 2002-2003 Term

CHAPTER 30 The 2003-2004 Term

CHAPTER 31 The 2004-2005 Term

CHAPTER 32 The 2005-2006 Term

CHAPTER 33 The 2006-2007 Term

CHAPTER 34 The 2007-2008 Term

CHAPTER 35 The 2008-2009 Term

CHAPTER 36 The 2009-2010 Term

CHAPTER 37 The 2010-2011 Term

CHAPTER 38 The 2011-2012 Term

Table of Cases