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Trust Department Policies and Procedures

In the wake of the financial crisis, banking regulators stepped up their scrutiny of how banks manage risk in their institutions. Policies and procedures are perhaps the most important risk management tool available to executives and managers -- including trust officers -- in financial institutions. For that reason, regulators have increased their scrutiny of bank policies and procedures, with special attention to how thorough, current, and effective they are.

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Sheshunoff®'s Trust Department Policies and Procedures manual offers the trust manager a comprehensive action plan for implementing and maintaining trust department policies and procedures that will protect the interests of both the bank and the bank's customers. With this manual as a guide, the trust officer can avoid costly mistakes and common compliance violations. More than 200 policies and procedures provide the critical internal controls necessary to achieve an institution's strategic objectives, maintain regulatory compliance, and effectively manage risk in the trust department.

Divided into six comprehensive sections, the 200+ policies and procedures address the major concerns of the trust department manager. These include:

•  Strategic planning and organization
•  Marketing and business development
•  Administration
•  Investments
•  Ethical standards
•  Mutual fund retail sales

The manual provides the latest guidelines from every agency with trust oversight, including the OCC's Comptroller's Handbook for Fiduciary Activities, the Banking Circular, the Comptroller's Handbook for Compliance, the Code of Federal Regulation, the Trust Banking Circular, and other key publications.

Written in straight-forward language, the expert authors show how to apply the regulations to the day-to-day activities of the trust department staff. And the convenient and comprehensive set of trust policies and procedures can be easily customized and adapted to the institution's specific needs.

When every employee in the trust area understands department policies and follows department procedures, the safety of customer trust accounts and the future growth of the bank can be ensured.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents 

Part 1 — Strategic Planning and Organization

Part 1A: Starting a New Trust Department: An Overview

Part 1B: Sample Trust Department Policy

Part 2 — Marketing and Business Development

Part 2: Marketing and Business Development Policies

Part 3 — Administration

Part 3: Administration Policies

Part 3A: Personal Fiduciary Services

Part 4 — Investments

Part 5 — Ethical Standards

Part 6 — Mutual Fund Retail Sales

Part 7 — Fiduciary Activities of National Banks

Part 7: Fiduciary Activities of National Banks — 12 CFR Part 9

Part 8: Compliance Management

Part 9 — Legal and Regulatory Issues

Part 10 — Internal Controls

Appendix A: Agency Issuances and Interpretive Letters

Appendix B: Glossary

Appendix C: Fiduciary Activities of National Banks, 12 CFR Part 9

Appendix D: Personal Fiduciary Services, Types of Personal Trusts

Appendix E: Comptroller’s Handbook Booklets