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Trial Evidence Foundations

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421600
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Trial Evidence Foundations

Remembering all the elements required to lay a proper foundation can be difficult. Take the simple admission of a letter. First you have to authenticate the document, then demonstrate that it complies with the best evidence rule if its terms are in issue, then show that it is not hearsay if you intend to use its contents.

Trial Evidence Foundations is a handy courtroom guide that will keep you from overlooking any required foundational elements, and point out when your opponent has. Gordon P. Cleary and John A. Tarantino's book contains the rule, elements, tactics, and key cases for most foundations, including:


•   Competency
•   Establishing credibility
•   Attacking credibility


•   Writings
•   Oral statements
•   Recordings
•   Real or physical evidence


•   Admissions
•   Declarations
•   Records
•   Excited utterances


•   Lay witnesses
•   Experts


•   Waiver
•   Specific privileges

Designed for use when time is short, the book is formatted for quick reference. Each foundation is tightly covered in three or four pages. 20 sturdy divider tabs, each printed with a foundation category and color-coded, quickly direct you to the correct page. The book is small enough to fit into a trial case and designed to be taken to the courtroom.