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The definitive Treatise on Health Care Law covers the entire spectrum of legal issues affecting health care law practice, serving as a primary reference work and authority. Leading figures in their fields discuss the broad range of concerns of health care law practitioners today, such as:

•   Corporate and administrative issues

•   Health care payment systems and HIPAA

•   Relationship of individuals to health care organizations

•   Reimbursement and payment

•   Financial issues

•   Liability

•   Patients' rights

•   Mental health law

Treatise on Health Care Law speeds your research with special features designed to pinpoint the information you need quickly, including: detailed chapter synopses; extensive statutory, regulatory and case citations and excerpted materials; timesaving state-by-state charts.

First published 1991.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Health Care Corporate Organizations 
Chapter 2: Physician Contracts
Chapter 2A: Health Care Management Contracts
Chapter 2B: Corporate Compliance Programs
Chapter 3: Tax Implications for Health Care Institutions
Chapter 4: Facility Licensing and Health Planning
Chapter 5: Health Care Employment and Labor Issues
Chapter 6: The Medical Staff
Chapter 7: The Economics of the United States Health Care System: The 1960’s to Early 21st Century
Chapter 8: Health Care Payment Systems
Chapter 8A: Litigation and Regulatory Issues Affecting Managed care
Chapter 9: Antitrust and Health Care
Chapter 10: Environmental Concerns Affecting Health Care Facilities
Chapter 11: Access to Health Care
Chapter 12: Medical Malpractice
Chapter 13: Medical Records Privacy Under HIPAA
Chapter 14: Insuring Against Malpractice Liability
Chapter 15: Reforming the Tort System
Chapter 16: Patient Information and Confidentiality
Chapter 17: Consent to Medical Treatment
Chapter 18: Refusing and Foregoing Treatment
Chapter 19: Special Categories of Consent: Minors and Handicapped Newborns
Chapter 20: Mental Health Law
Chapter 21: Death and Organ Transplantation
Chapter 22: Reproduction and Genetics
Chapter 23: The Regulation of Human Subjects Research
Chapter 24: Legal Issues in Biotechnology Inventions in the Health Care Environment