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Transportation Safety and Insurance Law

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780327163619
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Whether your client transports products by railroad or highway, Transportation Safety and Insurance Law makes sure you know all the relevant rules and regulations. This valuable two-volume set has all the answers you need about federal regulatory schemes and the common law related to transportation safety in a highly accessible, quick-answer format. The latest cases, legislative provisions, and forms, updated in each year's supplementation, ensure that you always have the most current information.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Tort Liability for Transportation Accidents
Chapter 2 Sources of Indemnity and Contribution: Highway Agencies, Contractors, and Equipment Suppliers
Chapter 3 Commerce Clause and Federal Versus State Safety Regulation
Chapter 4 Motor Carriers: Federal Statutory Background
Chapter 5 Railroads: Federal Statutory Background
Chapter 6 Department of Transportation: Safety Responsibilities
Chapter 7 Motor Carrier Safety Fitness Ratings
Chapter 8 Motor Carrier Enforcement Penalties and Proceedings
Chapter 9 Railroad Enforcement Penalties and Proceedings
Chapter 10 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Chapter 11 Transporting Hazardous Materials
Chapter 12 Transportation Equipment
Chapter 13 Equipment Leases and Interchanges
Chapter 14 Employee Qualifications, Hours of Service, and Records
Chapter 15 Transportation Contracts and Safety
Chapter 16 Terminal and Shop Safety
Chapter 17 Motor Carrier Size and Weight Laws
Chapter 18 Accident and Incident Reporting
Chapter 19 Carrier Insurance
Chapter 20 Required Notices to Insurer


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes