Trade Secrets: Law and Practice

Trade Secrets: Law and Practice is the first legal practitioner's guide to cover the subject from a trial lawyer's perspective. It should be on the desk of every firm litigator and in-house counsel involved in the protection of trade secrets.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663374080
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2024 Edition
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Trade Secrets: Law and Practice assembles case law analysis and strategic advice on prosecuting and defending trade secret misappropriation actions, maintaining legally sufficient trade secret protection measures, and supervising outside attorneys in the course of litigation.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663340436.

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Table of contents

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Authors' Note

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CHAPTER 1 What Is Protectable as a Trade Secret?

§ 1.01 Introduction

§ 1.02 The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

§ 1.03 "Trade Secret" as Defined by the UTSA

§ 1.04 The Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition View of Trade Secrets

§ 1.05 New York, New Jersey, and Texas: The Restatement (First) of Torts Definition

§ 1.06 The Massachusetts Definition

§ 1.07 The North Carolina Definition

CHAPTER 2 Litigating Trade Secret Actions—Plaintiff's Perspective

§ 2.01 Introduction

§ 2.02 Civil Actions Under the DTSA and the UTSA Compared

§ 2.03 Alleging Trade Secret Misappropriation Under the UTSA

§ 2.04 Elements of Misappropriation Claim

§ 2.05 Alleging Alternative Claims

§ 2.06 Requirement to Identify Trade Secrets with "Reasonable Particularity"

§ 2.07 Presumptions, Inferences, and Burden-Shifting

§ 2.08 Ex Parte Seizure

§ 2.09 Preliminary Injunctive Relief

§ 2.10 Choosing an Expert

§ 2.11 Discovery Tactics

§ 2.12 Discovery for Use Abroad

§ 2.13 Remedies

§ 2.14 Settlement

§ 2.15 Procedural Considerations

§ 2.16 Standing

CHAPTER 3 Litigating Trade Secret Actions—Defendant's Perspective

§ 3.01 Introduction

§ 3.02 Defenses

§ 3.03 Arbitration

§ 3.04 Challenges to the Plaintiff's Trade Secret Identification

§ 3.05 Discovery Considerations

§ 3.06 Finding Experts

CHAPTER 4 Corporate Trade Secret Protection Plans and Practices

§ 4.01 Legal Requirements and Policy Considerations

§ 4.02 Trade Secret Audits

§ 4.03 Trade Secret Protection Plans

§ 4.04 Protecting Information Disclosed to the Government

CHAPTER 5 Hiring and Terminating Employees

§ 5.01 Introduction

§ 5.02 Hiring Employees

§ 5.03 Terminating Employees

CHAPTER 6 Criminal Prosecution of Trade Secret Misappropriation

§ 6.01 Whether to Seek Criminal Prosecution

§ 6.02 Persuading the Government to Prosecute

§ 6.03 Federal Economic Espionage Act of 1996

§ 6.04 Other Potentially Applicable Federal Criminal Statutes

§ 6.05 Selected State Criminal Statutes

§ 6.06 Creating a Compliance and Ethics Program to Reduce Criminal Exposure

Appendix A. Overview of Trade Secrets Laws of Selected States

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes