The Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning

If you provide life insurance planning to clients, or are looking to expand your business in this key area, this book is a must-have.
Publisher: ALM

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781945424496
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Life insurance remains one of the cornerstones of financial planning. If you provide life insurance planning to clients, or are looking to expand your business in this key area, this book is a must-have.The expert authors, Stephan R. Leimberg and Keith A. Buck, deliver:

  •Detailed information about the entire range of life insurance products that can be used by estate and financial planners in a wide variety of circumstances
  •Planning techniques for retirement income needs, estate and gift tax avoidance, estate liquidity needs, and long-term care planning
  •Plain-language descriptions of the tax consequences of various life insurance products and strategies that plans can use to minimize tax liabilities
  •Planning techniques for individuals and businesses, including key personnel policies and buy-sell agreements

The 7th Edition includes:

  •Completely updated tax and accounting information
  •Expanded coverage of 1035 exchange rules, including partially tax-deferred exchanges
  •Improved planning techniques for pension maximization and buy-sell agreements
  •Detailed discussion of annuity types and tax consequences
  •Newly revised comparisons of permanent life insurance features, including joint life, single premium, and limited pay options
  •In-depth analysis of life insurance riders
  •Planning techniques for using life insurance in qualified and nonqualified plans

And, as with all the resources in the highly acclaimed Leimberg Library, every area covered in this book is accompanied by the tools, techniques, practice tips, and examples you can use to help your clients successfully navigate complex financial planning issues.

Whether you're a newcomer to this area or a seasoned planning professional, this is the one resource that leads you quickly to the life insurance planning answers you need.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Life Insurance 1 
Chapter 2 How to Estimate the Insurance Need 19
Chapter 3 How to Determine the Right Company 43
Chapter 4 How to Determine the Right Policy 65
Chapter 5 Legal Aspects of Life Insurance 87
Chapter 6 Special Policy Provisions and Riders 119
Chapter 7 Adjustable Life 133
Chapter 8 Annuities 143
Chapter 9 Current Assumption Whole Life 171
Chapter 10 Disability Income Insurance 183
Chapter 11 Group Life Insurance 197
Chapter 12 Joint Life (First-to-Die) Insurance 211
Chapter 13 Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance 217
Chapter 14 Ordinary Level Premium Whole Life Insurance 229
Chapter 15 Single Premium Life Insurance 241
Chapter 16 Survivorship Life 253
Chapter 17 Term Insurance 269
Chapter 18 Universal Life 285
Chapter 19 Variable and Variable Universal Life 301
Chapter 20 Indexed Universal Life 319
Chapter 21 Guaranteed No-Lapse Universal Life 329 PART II: TECHNIQUES
Chapter 22 Modified Endowment Contracts 339
Chapter 23 Section 1035 Exchanges 347
Chapter 24 Life Insurance Income Taxation and Planning Opportunities 357
Chapter 25 The Transfer for Value Rule 371
Chapter 26 Life Insurance Valuation 385
Chapter 27 Estate Taxation of Life Insurance 393
Chapter 28 Gift Taxation of Life Insurance 419
Chapter 29 Life Insurance and the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax 427
Chapter 30 Viatical and Life Settlements 435
Chapter 31 Buy-Sell Agreements 445
Chapter 32 Charitable Uses of Life Insurance 459
Chapter 33 Death Benefit Only (DBO) Plan 479
Chapter 34 Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts 493
Chapter 35 Key Employee Life Insurance 525
Chapter 36 Life Insurance in Qualified Plans 535
Chapter 37 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 547
Chapter 38 Pension Maximization 573
Chapter 39 Revocable Life Insurance Trusts 585
Chapter 40 Section 162 Plans 599
Chapter 41 Split-Dollar Life Insurance 605
Chapter 42 Current Trends in Life Insurance Planning 621