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The Public School Laws of Missouri

Features provisions from a comprehensive body of state statutes affecting education.

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2017-2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522153412
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The handy resource provides complete coverage of Title XI: Education and Libraries from the Missouri Revised Statutes as well as many other provisions of state law affecting education. In addition to a comprehensive body of state statutes, this reference features provisions from the United States Code Service and the Code of Federal Regulations addressing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Features include:
•  Official annotations and cross-references from the Missouri Revised Statutes
•  Concise summaries of legislation affecting education issues to highlight recent changes to the law
•  Comprehensive index developed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
•  Annual updates after each legislative session

Table of Contents

Legislative Summaries — Recent Regular Session 

The U.S. Supreme Court on Select School Law Issues

Title XI. Education and Libraries

Chapter 160. Schools—General Provisions

Chapter 161. State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Chapter 162. School Districts

Chapter 163. State Aid

Chapter 164. Tax Levies and Bonded Indebtedness

Chapter 165. Budget and Current Financing

Chapter 166. Permanent Funds and Trusts

Chapter 167. Pupils and Special Services

Chapter 168. Personnel—Teachers and Others

Chapter 169. Teacher and School Employee Retirement Systems

Chapter 170. Instruction—Materials and Subjects

Chapter 171. School Operations

Chapter 173. Department of Higher Education

Chapter 177. School Property and Equipment

Chapter 178. Special Schools and Instruction and Special Districts

Title I. Laws and Statutes

Chapter 1. Laws in Force and Construction of Statutes

Title II. Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Emblems

Chapter 8. State Buildings and Lands

Chapter 9. Public Holidays

Chapter 10. State Emblems

Title IV. Executive Branch

Chapter 26. Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Chapter 29. State Auditor

Chapter 30. State Treasurer

Chapter 34. State Purchasing and Printing

Title V. Military Affairs and Police

Chapter 43. Highway Patrol, State

Title VI. County, Township and Political Subdivision Government

Chapter 50. County Finances, Budget and Retirement Systems

Chapter 51. County Clerks

Chapter 54. County Treasurers

Chapter 67. Political Subdivisions, Miscellaneous Powers

Chapter 70. Powers of Political Subdivisions to Cooperate or Contract with Governmental Units

Title VII. Cities, Towns and Villages

Chapter 88. Public Works and Special Assessments Therefor—Condemnation

Chapter 99. Municipal Housing

Title VIII. Public Officers and Employees, Bonds and Records

Chapter 105. Public Officers and Employees—Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 107. Bonds of Officers and Contractors for Public Works

Chapter 108. Bond Issues, Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 109. Public and Business Records

Chapter 110. Depositaries for Public Funds

Title IX. Suffrage and Elections

Chapter 115. Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections

Chapter 130. Campaign Finance Disclosure Law

Title X. Taxation and Revenue

Chapter 135. Tax Relief

Chapter 137. Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes

Chapter 138. Equalization and Review of Tax Assessments

Chapter 139. Payment and Collection of Current Taxes

Chapter 143. Income Tax

Chapter 144. Sales and Use Tax

Chapter 148. Taxation of Financial Institutions

Chapter 149. Cigarette Tax

Chapter 151. Taxation of Railroads and Street Railroads

Chapter 155. Taxation of Aircraft

Title XI. Education and Libraries

Chapter 182. County and City Libraries—Libraries Generally

Title XII. Public Health and Welfare

Chapter 191. Health and Welfare

Chapter 192. Department of Health

Chapter 195. Drug Regulations

Chapter 205. County Health and Welfare Programs

Chapter 208. Old Age Assistance, Aid to Dependent Children and General Relief

Chapter 210. Child Protection and Reformation

Chapter 211. Juvenile Courts

Chapter 213. Human Rights

Title XIII. Correctional and Penal Institutions

Chapter 219. Youth Services

Title XVIII. Labor and Industrial Relations

Chapter 290. Wages, Hours and Dismissal Rights

Chapter 294. Child Labor

Title XIX. Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aviation

Chapter 301. Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 302. Drivers$ and Commercial Drivers$ Licenses

Chapter 304. Traffic Regulations

Chapter 307. Vehicle Equipment Regulations

Title XX. Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 311. Liquor Control Law

Title XXI. Public Safety and Morals

Chapter 313. Licensed Gaming Activities

Chapter 320. Fire Protection

Title XXII. Occupations and Professions

Chapter 327. Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects

Chapter 337. Psychologists — Professional Counselors — Social Workers

Title XXIII. Corporations, Associations and Partnerships

Chapter 360. Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Act

Title XXIV. Business and Financial Institutions

Chapter 376. Life, Health and Accident Insurance

Title XXVI. Trade and Commerce

Chapter 414. Fuel Regulation and Conservation

Title XXVIII. Contracts and Contractual Relations

Chapter 431. General Provisions as to Contracts

Chapter 432. Contracts Required to be in Writing

Title XXX. Domestic Relations

Chapter 452. Dissolution of Marriage, Divorce, Alimony and Separate Maintenance

Title XXXIII. Evidence and Legal Advertisements

Chapter 493. Legal Publications, Notice and Advertisements

Title XXXVI. Statutory Actions and Torts

Chapter 537. Torts and Actions for Damages

Title XXXVIII. Crimes and Punishment; Peace Officers and Public Defenders

Chapter 561. Collateral Consequences of Conviction

Chapter 563. Defense of Justification

Chapter 565. Offenses Against the Person

Chapter 566. Sexual Offenses

Chapter 568. Offenses Against the Family

Chapter 569. Robbery, Arson, Burglary and Related Offenses

Chapter 571. Weapons Offenses

Chapter 573. Pornography and Related Offenses

Chapter 574. Offenses Against Public Order

Chapter 575. Offenses Against the Administration of Justice

Chapter 577. Public Safety Offenses

Chapter 589. Crime Prevention and Control Programs and Services

Title XXXIX. Conduct of Public Business

Chapter 610. Governmental Bodies and Records

Title XL. Additional Executive Departments

Chapter 630. Department of Mental Health

Chapter 640. Department of Natural Resources

Constitution of Missouri

Article I. Bill of Rights

Article III. Legislative Department

Article IV. Executive Department

Article V. Judicial Department

Article VI. Local Government

Article VII. Public Officers

Article IX. Education

Article X. Taxation

United States Code Service

Title 20. Education

Chapter 31. General Provisions Concerning Education

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 34. Education

Part 99. Family Educational Rights and Privacy