The Practice Guide to PIPEs

The Practice Guide to PIPEs offers the practical solutions to the usual issues negotiated in a PIPE deal and focuses on important points of the deal with relevant forms and examples. Covers both company and investor viewpoints for necessary clarity.
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Product description

The Practice Guide to PIPEs is a one volume treatise focusing on the main issues that repeatedly arise in PIPE deals and offers practical alternatives and solutions so you can move past any impasse and meet your client's deal to close the financing. Expert authors examine the deal from inception through closing and beyond, tackling all of the key points and providing helpful forms. Expert authors examine the view from both the company and investor viewpoint thus giving the practitioner necessary clarity on all issues.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Why Do a PIPE?

Chapter 3: Early Stages of a PIPE Transaction

Chapter 4: Negotiation of Principal Deal Documents

Chapter 5: Equity Lines of Credit

Chapter 6: Post-Closing Issues

Chapter 7: Securities Laws Issues

Chapter 8: Latest Trends and Developments

Chapter 9: Checklist of Critical Issues to Consider When Beginning the PIPE Process


Appendix A Form of Non-Disclosure Agreement

Appendix B Form of Term Sheet

Appendix C Form of Securities Purchase Agreement

Appendix D Form of Requested Opinions from Issuer’s Counsel

Appendix E Form of Fact Certificate to Issuer’s Counsel’s Opinion

Appendix F Sample Registration Rights Agreement

Appendix G Form of Certificate of Designation

Appendix H Form of Convertible Debenture

Appendix I Form of Warrant

Appendix J Form of Officer’s Certificate

Appendix K Form of Secretary’s Certificate

Appendix L Sample Purchase Agreement for Equity Line Facility with Exhibits

Appendix M Sample Equity Line Registration Statement Inserts

Appendix N Sample Equity Line Term Sheet