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The Paperless Law Office

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ISBN: 9781614383734
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ISBN: 9781614383734
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In 21 chapters, this groundbreaking and practical book will guide you through transforming a small law firm or solo practice from today's usual (lots and lots and lots of paper, file cabinets, printers and copiers,) to the "paperless law office" where everything is scanned, stored on a computer or in the cloud, and searchable and retrievable electronically. The book is written in a charming, easy-to-read style, and in it you'll learn:

•  Why to convert to a paperless office
•  The first steps to converting
•  Programs you already use to make your practice paperless
•  Confidentiality and security
•  Organizing, analyzing, and distilling documents and information
•  Communicating and transmitting documents
•  Reading, writing, executing, and presenting documents
•  Storing and finding information
•  Private data storage versus cloud computing
•  Managing information disruptions
•  Equipping and furnishing the lawyer
•  Acquiring and developing the skills
•  Managing your entire law practice
•  How to know when you've arrived, and much more!

This step-by-step guide is the perfect tool you need to convert to a paperless law office. Even for solos, the conversion to a paperless office can pay for itself many times over. This user-friendly book is your key to joining the paperless revolution!