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The Millennial Lawyer: Making the Most of Generational Differences in the Firm

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The Millennial Generation also called Generation Y--generally, those born between 1980 and 2000--are the largest generation in the United States and the fastest-growing segment of workers today. And as the baby boomers retire, this massive generation will begin taking the reins of law firms.

The Millennial Lawyer is a dual guidebook--meant for both senior lawyers on effectively using this next generation, and for the young lawyer on adjusting to law practice and life in a firm--with side-by-side prescriptive sections for the Millennial lawyer and the attorney managing them. The book relies on a mix of empirical studies, case studies, personal interviews, and research to provide prescriptive advice, tips and techniques, and best practices.

From mentoring and feedback tips and learning the best ways to emphasize professionalism and self-sufficiency, to understanding (and embracing) Millennials' use of social media and capitalizing on their entrepreneurial spirit, this book offers best practices for both the firm and the young lawyer on how best to use this new generation to enhance your legal practice.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Generation Y... Should I Care?: And Who Are the Millennial Lawyers?

CHAPTER 2: Generation Disloyal: The Death of the "Company Man"?

CHAPTER 3: Generation "Slackoisie"

CHAPTER 4: Why Did I Go to Law School Anyway?

CHAPTER 5 : Me, Me, and Me Again

CHAPTER 6: Generation "Mind My Own Business": Millennials and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

CHAPTER 7: Feedback, Please: The Changing Roles and Importance of Mentoring, Evaluations, and Employer Feedback

CHAPTER 8: Generation Always Wired: Millennials and Technology and Their Respective Roles at the Firm

CHAPTER 9: Generation Connected: Millennial Associates and Networking, Social Networking, and Just Plain Being Social

CHAPTER 10: Work-Life Balance: Having a Life

CHAPTER 11: Generation Recession

CHAPTER 12: Generation Change

APPENDIX A - Millennial Associate Survey

APPENDIX B - Homework for Millennial Lawyers

APPENDIX C - Career Resources for Millennial Lawyers