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The Little Book of Hunting and Fishing Law

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ISBN: 9781614380603
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ISBN: 9781614380603
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This fascinating book examines the world of hunting and fishing--both pastimes practiced every day by millions of zealous advocates around the globe. With so many people participating in the "hook-and-bullet" arena, things are bound to go horribly wrong. And that is exactly the point where law and lawyers come in, and the point of this captivating book. The Little Book of Hunting and Fishing Law examines where the law, and hunting and fishing have intersected, often with intriguing results. You'll find cases involving personal injuries, criminal offenses, product liability, intellectual property, and even freedom of religion that will provoke thought, and provide hours of compelling reading. This book takes a light-hearted look at thirteen cases involving hunting and fishing including issues involving exploding shotguns, poaching, trademarked fishing poles, search and seizure, recovering lost profits, animal sacrifice, assumption of risk and much more. In addition, the book features 13 "Hook and Bullet" sidebars with historical perspective from some very interesting and obscure sources. If you're a hunter or fisherman, or know a lawyer who is, this book can make a fascinating addition to any outdoorsman's collection. Discover an entirely new facet to these popular pastimes with this one-of-a-kind book!

Table of Contents

1. Poaching: The Shootout at the O.K. Corral

Hook & Bullet: Teddy Roosevelt's Beloved Rifle

2. Accidental Shooting: The Case for Vicarious Liability

Hook & Bullet: Lion Hunt

3. Beware the Game Warden: Search and Seizure Issues

Hook & Bullet: Rising Trout

4. Exploding Shotguns: Punitive Damage Issues

Hook & Bullet: Pursuit of the Wily Rabbit

5. Hunting Clothes: Right to Use the Term "Safari"

Hook & Bullet: Stalking the Mountain Goat

6. Fishing Rod Wars: Can Green Poles be Trademarked?

Hook & Bullet: Dreams of an Angler

7. Safety Orange: Impingements on Freedom of Religion

Hook & Bullet: Tale of a Tiger

8. Illegal Fishing Devices: Playing by the Rules

Hook & Bullet: A Day at the Lake

9. Shot While Jogging: Failure of the City to Protect

Hook & Bullet: The African Safari

10. An Accidental Fish Hook in the Eye: Assumption of the Risk

Hook & Bullet: Wary Prey

11. The Pursuit of Wounded Game: To Trespass or Not

Hook & Bullet: Shooting a Walrus

12. Fish Overboard: Recovering Lost Profits

Hook & Bullet: Psychic Rewards

13. Animal Sacrifice: Free Exercise Ramifications