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The Law of Electronic Funds Transfers

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Print Book :1 volume; looseleaf; updated annually.
ISBN: 9780820511474
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ISBN: 9781579110833
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Provides a clear understanding of the law governing electronic funds transfers, with emphasis on global and domestic wire transfers, ACH payments and consumer transactions. Concise analysis of U.C.C. Article 4A, EFTA, Regulation E and other pertinent law gives you the information you need to understand the complex legal ramifications of electronic funds transfers.

Details the law on such topics as:

•  Acceptance, rejection, and execution
•  Sender's payment obligation to accepting bank
•  Liability for unauthorized payment orders
•  Errors in payment orders and acceptance
•  Cancellations, amendment, and reversal
•  Damages for improper execution
•  Beneficiary's rights: notice, payment, and discharge

First published in 1992.

1 volume; looseleaf; updated annually.

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 EFT in Context 

CHAPTER 2 Funds Transfer: Uniform State Legislation - U.C.C. Article 4A

CHAPTER 3 Domestic Large Dollar Wire Transfer Systems - CHIPS® AND Fedwire® Funds Service

CHAPTER 4 International Funds Transfers

CHAPTER 5 ACH Transfers

CHAPTER 6 Consumer Protection in Electronic Fund Transfers


Glossary of Terms

Conversion Table

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes