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The Law of Counterterrorism

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Counterterrorism is defined as "offensive measures taken to prevent, deter, pre-empt, and respond to terrorism". In contrast, anti-terrorism is defined as "Defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability to terrorist acts". This important, ground-breaking work addresses the multiple facets of legal authority that affect our ability to fight transnational terrorism.

Over the last decade, the American public has benefited from the work of many federal agencies, this book examines in detail the roles they play, the highly esoteric nature of counterterrorism law, and the importance of adhering to the rule of law when engaged in counterterrorism.

Among areas examined in detail are Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda; the DOJ torture memo; the philosophy of terrorism; war crimes jurisdiction; the 9/11 Commission; current and future national security principles; the National Security Act and IC reform; the National Counterterrorism Center; the organization and structure of the intelligence community; the National Security Council system; communications surveillance; the PATRIOT Act, and much, much more.

Table of Contents

•   Chapter I - Combatants, W. Hays Parks

•   Chapter II - NYPD: On the Front Line, New York City Police, Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly

•   Chapter III - Application of the Advice of Counsel Defense in Controversial Cases in the War on Terrorism, Gregory Huckabee and Michael J. Davidson

•   Chapter IV - The 9/11 Commission: This is a New Kind of War, Gordon Lederman

•   Chapter V - Detention and Interrogation, Richard Jackson

•   Chapter VI - Military Commissions, John Altenburg, Jr.

•   Chapter VII - Intelligence and the Law: Introduction to the Legal and Policy Framework Governing Intelligence Community Counterterrorism Efforts, W. George Jameson

•   Chapter VIII - National Security Council Reform to Meet the Threat of Transnational Terrorism in the 21st Century, Gordon Lederman

•   Chapter IX - The Revolution of Substantive Criminal Counterterrorism Law: "Material Support" and its Philosophical Underpinnings, Jeffrey Breinholt

•   Chapter X - Updating the Counterterrorism Toolkit: A Brief Sampling of Post-9/11 Surveillance Laws, Philip Bridwell and Jamil N. Jaffer