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The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers

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ISBN: 9781614380566
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Having the most compelling evidence and airtight argument does not mean you'll win your case if you cannot clearly and expertly express yourself. Using common examples from every-day legal documents, the Grammar and Writing Handbook shows you precisely which rules need to be followed, how to choose the correct words, and the most effective way to structure every sentence. The book includes a brief history of the English language, as well as comprehensive information on:

 •  Parts of speech
 •  Verb properties
 •  Singular vs. plural
 •  Punctuation and mechanics
 •  Using words to convey meaning
 •  Agreement
 •  Composing sentences
 •  Variety in composing sentences
 •  Composing paragraphs
 •  Composing a legal memorandum
 •  Faux pas: miscellanea
 •  Extra credit for grammar maestros

This essential handbook also includes an appendix of common irregular verbs, and another appendix with a sample legal memorandum. The Grammar and Writing Handbook is the thorough resource you need that will help you compose more persuasive, stronger material that's flawlessly written--which can be the difference you need to win you the case or the client.