The Florida Criminal Cases Notebook

The best single source for Florida criminal law citations, this title allows you to quickly find your on-point case with over 8,000 annotations and citations of cases covering the full panoply of Florida criminal law, and was compiled and summarized by one of the leading criminal specialists in the state.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Florida Criminal Cases Notebook

Your First and Last Stop for Florida Criminal Citations

With respected Florida criminal attorney Adriana Collado-Hudak on board as the new author, this year's edition of Florida Criminal Cases Notebook continues the guide's tradition of boiling key Florida criminal cases down to succinct summaries of their facts and holdings. The new edition of Florida Criminal Cases Notebook includes over 125 new case summaries, organized by topic and court circuit, so you can keep you up-to-date with the latest case law. Author Kurt Erlenbach, one of the most respected Florida criminal attorneys, has boiled the key criminal cases since 1987 down to succinct summaries of their facts and holdings. One to three sentences cover most cases. All case summaries are first organized by one of 150 topics, and then second by circuit. The most recent cases are positioned first. The end result is a quick-reading, easy-access summary of virtually the entire body of Florida criminal case law. Florida Criminal Cases Notebook amasses more than 8,000 case summaries, including every key criminal case since 1987. Written by one of the leading criminal specialists in Florida, it offers quick access to the most important cases with a comprehensive topical index. It's updated twice annually to keep you up-to-date with the latest case law. The Notebook includes the following:

•   Special emphasis on sentencing, evidence and search & seizure
•   Broad coverage of frequently arising trial topics
•   Detailed notes with expanded factual background
•   Useful index and table of contents

Ask most Florida judges, public defenders and state prosecutors where they look for fast criminal citations and you'll likely get the same answer: Florida Criminal Cases Notebook. Written with a busy criminal attorney in mind, the Notebook gives you instant access key cases and information. If there's a point to be made, you'll find it here.

Table of Contents

Appellate practice: generally and miscellaneous
Appellate practice: ineffective assistance
Appellate practice: preservation of error
Appellate practice: procedural matters; briefs, the record, etc Appellate practice: standards of review
Attorney for defendant: generally
Attorney for defendant: public defenders
Attorney for defendant: right to
Attorney for defendant: self-representation
Bail and bond
Confidential informants
Corpus delicti
Crimes: assault
Crimes: attempts
Crimes: battery
Crimes: burglary
Crimes: child abuse
Crimes: conspiracy
Crimes: controlled substances
Crimes: dealing in stolen property
Crimes: DUI: blood alcohol level
Crimes: DUI
Crimes: escape
Crimes: firearms and weapons offenses
Crimes: homicide: 1st degree murder
Crimes: homicide: 2d degree murder
Crimes: homicide: 3d degree murder
Crimes: homicide: DUI / BUI manslaughter Crimes: homicide: generally
Crimes: homicide: manslaughter
Crimes: homicide: vehicular / vessel homicide Crimes: kidnapping and false imprisonment Crimes: loitering or prowling
Crimes: miscellaneous substantive crimes
Crimes: resisting officer
Crimes: RICO
Crimes: robbery
Crimes: sex crimes: generally
Crimes: sex crimes: lewd battery, etc. on a child
Crimes: sex crimes: registration offenses
Crimes: sex crimes: sexual battery on a child under
Crimes: theft
Crimes: traffic offenses
Crimes: trafficking in controlled substances
Defenses: entrapment
Defenses: generally and miscellaneous
Defenses: immunity
Defenses: insanity
Defenses: self-defense
Discovery: Brady, etc. rules
Discovery: generally and miscellaneous
Discovery: Richardson violations
Double jeopardy and collateral estoppel
Evidence: character
Evidence: circumstantial
Evidence: defendant's statements: generally and miscellaneous
Evidence: defendant's statements: Miranda
Evidence: defendant's statements: voluntariness
Evidence: generally
Evidence: hearsay: generally
Evidence: hearsay: exceptions
Evidence: lineups and showups
Evidence: physical evidence
Evidence: privileges
Evidence: scientific evidence and expert testimony
Evidence: tapes, photos, videos, etc.
Evidence: Williams rule: context and inextricably intertwined
Evidence: Williams rule and similar fact
Informations and indictments: amendments
Informations and indictments: consolidation of offenses and defendants
Informations and indictments: language of charge and statement of particulars
Jury trial - right to
Juvenile delinquency: disposition
Juvenile delinquency: generally and miscellaneous
Juveniles: juveniles prosecuted as adults
Lesser included offenses
Motion to dismiss
New trial
Pleas: plea and sentence bargaining
Pleas: generally and miscellaneous
Post-conviction relief: 3.800(a) motions: illegal sentences
Post-conviction relief: 3.800(b) motions: correction of sentencing errors
Post-conviction relief: 3.800(c) motions; reduction and modification
Post-conviction relief: 3.800 motions generally and miscellaneous
Post-conviction relief: 3.850 motions: generally and miscellaneous
Post-conviction relief: 3.850 motions: ineffective assistance
Post-conviction relief: 3.853 post-conviction DNA testing
Post-conviction relief: generally and miscellaneous
Search and seizure: abandonment
Search and seizure: consent
Search and seizure: encounters
Search and seizure: exigent circumstances
Search and seizure: generally
Search and seizure: incident to arrest
Search and seizure: inevitable discovery and independent source
Search and seizure: inventory searches
Search and seizure: plain view and open view
Search and seizure: probable cause arrests and seizures
Search and seizure: probable cause searches
Search and seizure: standing
Search and seizure: Terry stops
Search and seizure: warrants
Sentencing: costs, fees and fines
Sentencing: credit for time served
Sentencing: death penalty: aggravating factors
Sentencing: death penalty: generally and miscellaneous
Sentencing: death penalty: jurors, jury selection & death qualification
Sentencing: death penalty: jury instructions
Sentencing: death penalty: jury overrides
Sentencing: death penalty: mitigating factors
Sentencing: death penalty: postconviction relief
Sentencing: death penalty: proportionality
Sentencing: firearm mandatory minimums
Sentencing: generally
Sentencing guidelines; 1983-93: departure factors
Sentencing guidelines; 1983-93 guidelines: scoresheet factors
Sentencing guidelines: 1994-present: departure factors
Sentencing guidelines: 1994-present: scoresheet factors
Sentencing guidelines: generally
Sentencing: habitual offenders: generally and miscellaneous
Sentencing: habitual offenders: habitual felony and violent felony offenders
Sentencing: habitual offenders: violent career criminals
Sentencing: habitual offenders: prison release reoffenders
Sentencing: probation and community control: conditions
Sentencing: probation and community control: violations
Sentencing: reclassification
Sentencing: restitution
Sentencing: youthful offenders
Speedy trial
State attorneys: generally
State attorneys: prosecutorial misconduct
Statute of limitations
Statutes: constitutionality
Statutes: construction
Trial - conduct of: closing arguments
Trial - conduct of: competency to stand trial
Trial - conduct of: confrontation of witnesses
Trial - conduct of: continuances
Trial - conduct of: generally and miscellaneous
Trial - conduct of: impeachment and cross-examination: generally
Trial - conduct of: impeachment and cross-examination: prior convictions
Trial - conduct of: impeachment and cross-examination: prior inconsistent statements
Trial - conduct of: judgment of acquittal
Trial - conduct of: jurors: generally and miscellaneous
Trial - conduct of: jurors: Neil/Melbourne challenges
Trial - conduct of: jurors: selection
Trial - conduct of: jury instructions
Trial - conduct of: opening statements
Trial - conduct of: verdicts
Trial - conduct of: witnesses
Victim's rights
Wiretaps and telecommunications