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Gain MORE value with superior, more timely and affordable offerings. First published in 1987, Texas Torts and Remedies has been cited more than 80 times in Texas courtrooms. Its complete and detailed treatment of the substantive Texas law of torts, as well as remedies for tortious injury, has made it an invaluable resource to both personal injury specialists and general practitioners who handle the occasional personal injury case. Updated twice a year, the set tracks recent developments in areas such as government liability, products liability, and workers' compensation.

Texas Torts and Remedies is a great resource to use as your starting point to research the elements of a particular tort. The first volume covers the basic principles and provides cross-references to other chapters that contain in-depth coverage. For an attorney searching for information on an unfamiliar tort, this is timesaving and invaluable. Cross-references and detailed information help you build your case, and the case law analysis provides valuable insight for both the plaintiff and defense attorney. Such thorough information from torts experts Jim Sales and J. Hadley Edgar makes Texas Torts and Remedies the "turn to" guide for personal injury practitioners in Texas.

Texas Torts and Remedies is available in print, CD-ROM, and online. Choose the format that best suits your practice.

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Table of Contents

Volume One

Division I- Principles of Liability

Division II- Professional Liability

Division III- Torts Relating to Real Property

Volume Two

Division IV- Torts Relating to Transportation

Division V- Products Liability and Commercial Torts

Volume Three

Division V- Products Liability and Commercial Torts (continued)

Volume Four

Division VI- Intentional Torts

Division VII- Tort Claims Against Public Entities and Employees

Division VIII- Insurance Claims

Volume Five

Division IX- Remedies
Division X- Procedure

Volume Six

Division X- Procedure (continued)

Table of Statutes