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Texas School Law Bulletin

Publisher: LexisNexis

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2016-2 Edition
ISBN: 9781632848772
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2016-2 Edition
ISBN: 9781632848772
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This comprehensive, expanded indexed edition of Texas School Law Bulletin is a must have for educators,students, law enforcement officials as well as parents and the business community. This handy reference provides coverage of the Texas School Laws and is fully updated through the 2015 legislature. The 83rd Texas Legislature passed more than one hundred bills that will impact the five million students in the State of Texas in the years ahead. Stay abreast of the changing laws as the education system continues to evolve as the changing demographics dictate changes in the classrooms and districts in Texas.

Table of Contents


Education Code
Revised Civil Statutes

Agriculture Code

Alcoholic Beverage Code

Civil Practice and Remedies Code

Code of Criminal Procedure

Election Code

Family Code

Government Code

Health and Safety Code

Human Resources Code

Insurance Code

Labor Code

Local Government Code

Natural Resources Code

Occupations Code

Penal Code

Probate Code

Property Code

Tax Code

Transportation Code

Utilities Code

Constitution of the State of Texas 1876