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Texas Municipal Zoning Law

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3rd Edition
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Your next Texas zoning law case can be referenced, understood and put into successful practice by consulting the recognized authoriative source on the subject, Texas Municipal Zoning Law. Packed with the most current zoning law information, this must-have reference for Texas real estate practitioners is the definitive source for success in this area of the law. Your practice will prosper with this multi-funtional guide at your disposal. Some of the many topics covered include:

  • Explanation of existing zoning law
  • Reasoning behind existing zoning law
  • How to use zoning law to achieve planning goals
  • What to consider when adopting zoning ordinance
  • Step-by-step explanation covering various aspects in zoning

    Texas Municipal Zoning Law is an essential tool for real estate practitioners statewide. Widely recongnized as the leading work on Texas zoning law, this all-inclusive reference will assist you in creating, modifying or enforcing local zoning ordinances. You will achieve the most favorable outcome for your clients by consulting Texas Municipal Zoning Law for the most thorough analysis of case law and procedure.

    Consult the authority on Texas zoning law.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1- Statutory Basis for Zoning

    Chapter 2- Judicial Basis for Zoning

    Chapter 3- Local Zoning Authority

    Chapter 4- Original Adoption of Zoning Ordinances

    Chapter 5- Authority of Administrative Officials

    Chapter 6- Functions of the Board of Adjustment

    Chapter 7- Amendments of Existing Ordinances

    Chapter 8- Nonconforming Uses

    Chapter 9- Enforcement of Zoning Ordinances

    Chapter 10- Federal Law Challenges

    Chapter 11- State Law Challenges

    Chapter 12- Defenses and Other Responses

    Appendix A: Chapter 211. Municipal Zoning Authority

    Appendix B: Glossary of Terms and Concepts

    Table of Cases