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Texas Criminal Jury Charges

Publisher: James Publishing

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ISBN: 9781945421327
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Texas Criminal Jury Charges provides the most comprehensive and authoritative set of criminal jury charges available in Texas. This affordable resource offers more than 650 pre-drafted instructions, detailed legal discussions with 1,100 supporting citations, and dozens of strategies. Use it to:

•   Plan winning pretrial strategies
•   Spot and set-up issues
•   Identify evidence requirements
•   Negotiate favorable plea bargains
•   Win important instructional battles
•   Deliver better results for your clients

The book's jury charges cover the full range of crimes, from manslaughter to capital murder, from assault to aggravated sexual assault, from handling waste without permits to unauthorized discharge of pollutant, and hundreds more. Before each set of charges you will find an analysis of the underlying law, complete with exceptions, caveats, and practice tips.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Jury Instruction Law
Criminal Responsibility—Parties to Crime
Defenses and Special Evidentiary Charges
Criminal Instruments
Offenses Against Person
Offenses Against the Family
Offenses Against Property
Offenses Against Public Administration
Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Offenses Against Health, Safety, and Morals
Organized Crime
Controlled Substances
Water Code Crimes
Tax Crimes
Human Resources Fraud
Real Property Offenses
Election Code
Securities Fraud