Texas Criminal Forms

Over 580 Texas-specific forms take you start-to-finish, from client retention through evidence suppression to punishment. Includes law-and-procedure outline with hundreds of case citations.
Publisher: James Publishing

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In this edition of Texas Criminal Forms, you receive new forms and practice tips, plus revised and/or updated coverage of the law, to help you navigate the issues that may arise at various stages of a criminal case, including:

  • Client Relations and Communications
  • Discovery
  • Motion Practice
  • Punishment
  • Expunctions and Non-Disclosure

The highlights include:

  • Letter Advising Client of Right to Order of Nondisclosure
  • Defendant’s Ex parte Motion For Approval of Funds For Consulting Immigration Law Expert
  • Motion for Court Order Protecting Defendant from Law Enforcement Recording Custodial and Private Telephone Calls
  • Controverting Motion to (State or Defendant’s) First Motion for Continuance
  • Request For Attachment of a Witness; Affidavit in Support of Request; and Writ of Attachment for four different fact scenarios
  • Affidavit of No Records
  • Order Discharging Probation
  • Motion Containing Proof of Eligibility For Automatic Order of Nondisclosure Under Tex. Gov’t Code § 411.072 (Certain Nonviolent Misdemeanors)
  • 13 different Petitions for Nondisclosure of Criminal History Record Information, covering various fact scenarios under Tex. Gov’t Code § 411.0725 – .0728; and §411.073-.0736.


  • Protecting an Indigent defendant’s right to counsel with the appointment of an expert immigration attorney
  • Protecting the defendant’s right to privacy while in custody
  • Challenging enhancement allegations
  • Crime victim compensation law and forms

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Client Relations and Communications
Chapter 2 Motions Related to Searches of Places
Chapter 3 Motions Related to Searches of Persons
Chapter 4 Right to Counsel
Chapter 5 Self-Incrimination
Chapter 6 Motions Related to Defendant’s Statements
Chapter 7 [Reserved]
Chapter 8 Double Jeopardy and Collateral Estoppel
Chapter 9 Bail and Bond Motions
Chapter 10 Motions for DWI Cases
Chapter 11 Examining Trials and Grand Jury Hearings
Chapter 12 Pre-Trial Motions
Chapter 13 Discovery Motions

Chapter 14 Jury Selection and Voir Dire
Chapter 15 Trial Motions
Chapter 16 Evidence
Chapter 17 Child Abuse Cases
Chapter 18 Sex Offender Registration
Chapter 19 [Reserved]
Chapter 20 Punishment Phase
Chapter 21 Post-Trial Proceedings
Chapter 22 Expunctions and Non-Disclosure