Texas Courtroom Evidence

Comprehensive coverage of Texas Evidence Law in an easy-to-use format for getting the answers you need right away.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Successful Texas lawyers turn to Texas Courtroom Evidence for answers to evidence questions. It provides comprehensive coverage of Texas Evidence Law with comparisons of the Texas Rules of Evidence with the Federal Rules of Evidence as interpreted by existing case law for each subject.

Extensive lists of case opinions follow the rules and are sorted by topic, and are updated annually to keep you informed of the latest developments.

Appendices include the text of the Texas and Federal Rules of Evidence.

Print customers get a tabbed and indexed binder with a unique center topical index to provide instant access to the law on points of admissibility, as well as list of Texas courtroom objections and hearsay exceptions and their related Texas rules.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Admissions
Chapter 2 Declarations Against Interest
Chapter 3 Past Recollection Recorded
Chapter 4 Business Entries
Chapter 5 Official Records
Chapter 6 Reported Testimony
Chapter 7 Unreflective Statements (Res Gestae)
Chapter 8 Declarations Regarding Family History
Chapter 9 Learned Treatises
Chapter 10 Implied Admissions
Chapter 11 Dying Declarations
Chapter 12 Ancient Instruments
Chapter 13 Competency of Witnesses
Chapter 14 Opinion Evidence
Chapter 15 Privileges of Witnesses
Chapter 16 Impeachment of Witnesses
Chapter 17 Direct and Cross-Examination
Chapter 18 Relevancy and Materiality of Evidence
Topical Index (Center of Contents)
Chapter 19 Jury Argument
Chapter 20 Depositions
Chapter 21 Voir Dire
Chapter 22 Scientific and Experimental Evidence
Chapter 23 Real or Demonstrative Evidence
Chapter 24 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 25 Best and Secondary Evidence
Chapter 26 Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 27 Presumptions
Chapter 28 Burden of Proof
Chapter 29 Judicial Notice
Chapter 30 Miscellaneous Rules
Appendix A Federal Rules of Evidence
Appendix B Texas Rules of Evidence
Table of Rules & Statutes
Table of Cases