Texas Annotated Insurance Code

Access and understand how major state legislation and interstate compacts affect Texas insurance law.
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Contains the complete Insurance Code in an easy-to-read, portable book with on-point, relevant annotations.

The Texas Annotated Insurance Code contains the complete insurance laws of Texas as revised with legislation from the latest Regular and Called Sessions of the Texas Legislature, and the extant portions of the Insurance Code of 1951. This set also includes case annotations, selected by attorney experts, explanatory commentary, and revisor's notes explaining the purpose of the revision of the insurance laws. Disposition and derivation tables offer valuable assistance in tracking the transition of the former "source" statutes to their new iterations in the Insurance Code.

The 2021 edition ISBN is 9781522164326.

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Table of contents


Volume 1

Title 1. The Insurance Code of 1951


1. The Board, Its Powers and Duties

2. Incorporation of Insurance Companies [Repealed]

3. Life, Health and Accident Insurance

4. Taxes and Fees

5. Rating and Policy Forms

6. Fire and Marine Companies [Repealed]

7. Surety and Trust Companies [Repealed]

8. General Casualty Companies [Repealed]

9. Texas Title Insurance Act [Repealed]

10. Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed]

11. Mutual Life Insurance Companies [Repealed]

12. Local Mutual Aid Associations [Repealed]

13. Statewide Mutual Assessment Companies [Repealed]

14. General Provisions for Mutual Assessment Companies [Repealed]

15. Mutual Insurance Companies Other Than Life [Repealed]

16. Farm Mutual Insurance Companies [Repealed]

17. County Mutual Insurance Companies [Repealed]

18. Lloyd's Plan [Repealed]

19. Reciprocal Exchanges [Repealed]

20. Group Hospital Service [Repealed]

20A. Health Maintenance Organization Act [Repealed]

20C. Statewide Rural Health Care System [Repealed]

21. General Provisions

21A. Insurer Receivership Act [Renumbered]

22. Stipulated Premium Insurance Companies [Repealed]

23. Non-Profit Legal Services Corporations [Repealed]

24. Financing of Insurance Premiums [Repealed]

25. Job Protection Insurance [Repealed]

26. Health Insurance Availability [Repealed]

27. Health Benefit Plans for Children [Repealed]

28A. Privacy [Repealed]

28B. Privacy of Health Information [Repealed]

29. Joint Negotiations by Physicians with Health Benefit Plans [Expired]

Title 2. Texas Department of Insurance

Subtitle A. Administration of the Texas Department of Insurance

30. General Provisions

31. Organization of Department

32. Administrative Powers and Duties

33. Standards of Conduct

34. Immunity from Liability

35. Electronic Transactions

36. Department Rules and Procedures

37. Ratemaking and Policy Form Proceedings

38. Data Collection and Reports

39. Public Access

40. Duties of State Office of Administrative Hearings and Commissioner in Certain Proceedings; Rate Setting Proceedings

41 to 80. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Discipline and Enforcement

81. General Provisions Regarding Discipline and Enforcement

82. Sanctions

83. Emergency Cease and Desist Orders

84. Administrative Penalties

85. General Criminal Enforcement

86. Revocation or Modification of Certificate of Authority; Authority to Bring Certain Actions

87 to 100. [Reserved]

101. Unauthorized Insurance

102. Charitable Gift Annuities

Subtitle C. Programs Affecting Multiple Lines of Insurance

151. Consolidated Insurance Programs

Title 3. Department Funds, Fees, and Taxes

Subtitle A. General Provisions

201. Collection of Revenue and Administration of Funds

202. Fees

203. General Provisions Relating to Taxes

204 to 220. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Insurance Premium Taxes

221. Property and Casualty Insurance Premium Tax

222. Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Premium Tax

223. Title Insurance Premium Tax

223A. Captive Insurance Premium Tax

224. Reciprocal and Interinsurance Exchange Premium Tax

225. Surplus Lines Insurance Premium Tax

226. Unauthorized and Independently Procured Insurance Premium Tax

227. Disposition of Proceeds of Certain Premium Taxes

228. Premium Tax Credit for Certain Investments

229. Cooperative Agreements with Other States

230 to 250. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Insurance Maintenance Taxes

251. General Provisions

252. Fire and Allied Lines Insurance

253. Casualty Insurance and Fidelity, Guaranty, and Surety Bond Insurance

254. Motor Vehicle Insurance

255. Workers' Compensation Insurance

256. Aircraft Insurance

257. Life, Health, and Accident Insurance

258. Health Maintenance Organizations

259. Third-Party Administrators

260. Nonprofit Legal Services Corporations

261. Texas Insurance Exchange

262 to 270. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Title Insurance Maintenance Fees

271. Title Insurance Maintenance Fees

272 to 280. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Other Taxes

281. Retaliatory Provisions

Title 4. Regulation of Solvency

Subtitle A. General Provisions

401. Audits and Examinations

402. Disclosure of Material Transactions

403. Limitation on Dividends

404. Financial Condition

405. [Reserved]

406. Special Deposits Required Under Potentially Hazardous Conditions

407 to 420. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Reserves and Investments

421. Reserves in General

422. Asset Protection Act

423. Transactions with Money and Other Assets

424. Investments for Certain Insurers

425. Reserves and Investments for Life Insurance Companies and Related Entities

426. Reserves for Workers' Compensation Insurance Companies

427. Subordinated Indebtedness

428 to 440. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Delinquent Insurers

441. Supervision and Conservatorship

442. Liquidation, Rehabilitation, Reorganization, or Conservation of Insurers

443. Insurer Receivership Act

444. Agency Contracts with Certain Insurers

445 to 460. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Guaranty Associations

461. General Provisions

462. Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association

463. Texas Life, Accident, Health, and Hospital Service Insurance Guaranty Association

464. Unauthorized Insurance Guaranty Fund Act

465 to 480. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Requirements of Other Jurisdictions

481. Voluntary Deposits

482 to 490. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Reinsurance

491. General Reinsurance Requirements

492. Reinsurance for Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Companies and Related Entities

493. Reinsurance for Property and Casualty Insurers

494. Reinsurance of Aircraft and Space Equipment Risks

495 to 500. [Reserved]

Title 5. Protection of Consumer Interests

Subtitle A. Public Insurance Counsel

501. Office of Public Insurance Counsel

502 to 520. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Consumer Service Provisions

521. Consumer Information and Complaints

522. Consumer Information in Spanish

523. Market Assistance Program for Residential Property Insurance [Repealed]

524. TexLink to Health Coverage Program

525 to 540. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Deceptive, Unfair, and Prohibited Practices

541. Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices

542. Processing and Settlement of Claims

543. Prohibited Practices Related to Policy or Certificate of Membership

544. Prohibited Discrimination

545. HIV Testing

546. Use of Genetic Testing Information

547. False Advertising by Unauthorized Insurers

548. Insurer Insider Trading and Proxy Regulation

549. Prohibited Practices Relating to Property Insurance

550. Prohibited Practices Relating to Payments

551. Practices Relating to Declination, Cancellation, and Nonrenewal of Insurance Policies

552. Illegal Pricing Practices

553. Enforcement of Insurance Policies Regarding Holocaust Victims

554. Burden of Proof and Pleading

555. Failure to Satisfy Judgment

556. Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair Practices by Financial Institutions

557. Insured Property Subject to Security Interest

558. Refund of Unearned Premium

559. Credit Scoring and Credit Information

560. Prohibited Rates

561. [Reserved]

562. Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices Regarding
Discount Health Care Programs

563. Practices Relating to Claims Reporting

564 to 600. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Privacy

601. Privacy

602. Privacy of Health Information

603 to 650. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Premium Financing

651. Financing of Insurance Premiums

652 to 700. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Insurance Fraud and Identity Theft

701. Insurance Fraud Investigations

702. Motor Vehicle Theft and Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Reporting [Repealed]

703. Covered Entity's Antifraud Action

704. Antifraud Programs

705. Misrepresentations by Policyholders

706. Identity Theft Insurance

707 to 750. [Reserved]

Subtitle G. Regulation of Insurer Market Conduct

751. Market Conduct Surveillance

Title 6. Organization of Insurers and Related Entities

Subtitle A. General Provisions Applicable to Insurers and Related Entities

801. Certificate of Authority

802. Annual Statement

803. Location of Books, Records, Accounts, and Offices Outside of This State

804. Service of Process

805. Directors, Officers, and Other Interested Persons

806 to 820. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Organization of Regulated Entities

821. General Provisions

822. General Incorporation and Regulatory Requirements for Insurance Companies Other
Than Life, Health, or Accident Insurance Companies

823. Insurance Holding Company Systems

824. Merger and Consolidation of Stock Insurance Corporations

825. Conversion of Stock Insurance Company to Mutual Insurance Company

826. Conversion of Mutual Insurance Company to Stock Insurance Company

827. Withdrawal and Restriction Plans

828. Purchase of Stock for Total Assumption Reinsurance

829. Conversion of Reciprocal or Interinsurance Exchange to Stock Company Through
Creation of a Mutual Holding Company

830. Own Risk and Solvency Assessment

831 to 840. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Life, Health, and Accident Insurers and Related Entities

841. Life, Health, or Accident Insurance Companies

842. Group Hospital Service Corporations

843. Health Maintenance Organizations

844. Certification of Certain Nonprofit Health Corporations

845. Statewide Rural Health Care System

846. Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements

847. Health Care Quality Assurance

848. Health Care Collaboratives

849 to 860. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Casualty Companies

861. General Casualty Companies

862. Fire and Marine Insurance Companies

863 to 880. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Mutual and Fraternal Companies and Related Entities

881. Statewide Mutual Assessment Companies

882. Mutual Life Insurance Companies

883. Mutual Insurance Companies Other Than Mutual Life Insurance Companies

884. Stipulated Premium Insurance Companies

885. Fraternal Benefit Societies

886. Local Mutual Aid Associations

887. Provisions Applicable to Certain Mutual Assessment Companies

888. Burial Associations

889 to 910. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Farm and County Mutual Insurance Companies

911. Farm Mutual Insurance Companies

912. County Mutual Insurance Companies

913 to 940. [Reserved]

Subtitle G. Lloyd's Plan and Reciprocal and Interinsurance Exchanges

941. Lloyd's Plan

942. Reciprocal and Interinsurance Exchanges

943 to 960. [Reserved]

Subtitle H. Other Entities

961. Nonprofit Legal Services Corporations

962. Job Protection Insurance

963. Automobile Clubs

964. Captive Insurance Companies

965 to 980. [Reserved]

Subtitle I. Companies That Are Not Organized in Texas

981. Surplus Lines Insurance

982. Foreign and Alien Insurance Companies

983. Redomestication of Insurers and Health Maintenance Organizations

984. Mexican Casualty Insurance Companies

Title 7. Life Insurance and Annuities

Subtitle A. Life Insurance in General

1101. Life Insurance

1102. Payment of Insurance Benefits in Currency

1103. Life Insurance Policy Beneficiaries

1104. Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts Issued to Certain Persons

1105. Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance

1106. Reinstatement of Certain Life Insurance Policies

1107. Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Certain Annuities

1108. Benefits Exempt from Seizure

1109. Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Contract Proceeds

1110. Interest Rates on Certain Policy Loans

1111. Accelerated Term Life Insurance Benefits

1111A. Life Settlement Contracts

1112. Certain Guarantees in Life Insurance Policies

1113. Management, Control, and Disposition of Certain Life Insurance and Annuity

1114. Replacement of Certain Life Insurance Policies and Annuities

1115. Suitability of Certain Annuity Transactions

1116. Required Provisions for Annuity Contract

1117. Use of Senior-Specific Certifications or Professional Designations

1118 to 1130. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Group Life Insurance

1131. Group Life Insurance and Wholesale, Franchise, or Employee Life Insurance

1132. Notice of Rate Increase for Group Life Insurance

1133 to 1150. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Specialized Coverages

1151. Industrial Life Insurance

1152. Separate Accounts, Variable Contracts, and Related Products

1153. Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance

1154. Funding Agreements, Guaranteed Investment Contracts, and Synthetic Guaranteed
Investment Contracts

Volume 2

Title 8. Health Insurance and Other Health Coverages

Subtitle A. Health Coverage in General

1201. Accident and Health Insurance

1202. Cancellation and Continuation of Policies in General

1202A. Temporary Extension of Election Period for Continuation of Certain Coverage

1203. Coordination of Benefits Provisions

1204. Procedures for Payment of Certain Health and Accident Insurance Policy or Plan

1205. Certification of Creditable Coverage

1206. Denial of Health Benefit Plan Enrollment Based on Existing Coverage Prohibited

1207. Enrollment of Medical Assistance Recipients and Children Eligible for State Child
Health Plan

1208. Identity of Available Employee of Health Benefit Plan Issuer

1209. Health Benefit Claims Cost Information Required to Be Provided to Employer

1210. Notice of Certain Policy Provisions

1211. Waivers Regarding Certain Federal Health Plans

1212. Technical Advisory Committee on Claims Processing [Repealed]

1213. Electronic Health Care Transactions

1214. Advertising for Certain Health Benefits

1215. Reporting of Claims Information

1216. Out-of-Country Coverage Prohibited

1217. Standard Request Form for Prior Authorization of Health Care Services

1218 to 1220. [Reserved]

1221. Employer Contributions to Individual Health Insurance Policies

1222 to 1250. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Group Health Coverage

1251. Group and Blanket Health Insurance

1252. Discontinuation and Replacement of Group and Group-Type Health Benefit Plan

1253. Cancellation of Group Coverage in Certain Circumstances

1254. Notice of Rate Increase for Group Health and Accident Coverage

1255 to 1270. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Managed Care

1271. Benefits Provided by Health Maintenance Organizations; Evidence of Coverage;

1272. Delegation of Certain Functions by Health Maintenance Organization

1273. Point-of-Service Plans

1274. Electronic Transmission of Eligibility and Payment Status

1275 to 1300. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Provider Plans

1301. Preferred Provider Benefit Plans

1302 to 1304. [Reserved]

1305. Workers' Compensation Health Care Networks

1306 to 1350. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Benefits Payable Under Health Coverages

1351. Home Health Services

1352. Brain Injury

1353. Immunization or Vaccination Protocols Under Managed Care Plans

1354. Eligibility for Benefits for Alzheimer's Disease

1355. Benefits for Certain Mental Disorders

1356. Low-Dose Mammography

1357. Mastectomy

1358. Diabetes

1359. Formulas for Individuals with Phenylketonuria or Other Heritable Diseases

1360. Diagnosis and Treatment Affecting Temporomandibular Joint

1361. Detection and Prevention of Osteoporosis

1362. Certain Tests for Detection of Prostate Cancer

1363. Certain Tests for Detection of Colorectal Cancer

1364. Coverage Provisions Relating to HIV, AIDS, or HIV-Related Illnesses

1365. Loss or Impairment of Speech or Hearing

1366. Benefits Related to Fertility and Childbirth

1367. Coverage of Children

1368. Availability of Chemical Dependency Coverage

1369. Benefits Related to Prescription Drugs and Devices and Related Services

1370. Certain Tests for Detection of Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer

1371. Coverage for Certain Prosthetic Devices, Orthotic Devices, and Related Services

1372 to 1375. [Reserved]

1376. Certain Tests for Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease

1377. Coverage for Certain Amino Acid-Based Elemental Formulas

1378. [Reserved]

1379. Coverage for Routine Patient Care Costs for Enrollees Participating in Certain
Clinical Trials

1380 to 1424. [Reserved]

1425. Application of Subtitle to Certain Coverage

1426 to 1450. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Physicians and Health Care Providers

1451. Access to Certain Practitioners and Facilities

1452. Physician and Provider Credentials

1453. Disclosure of Reimbursement Guidelines Under Managed Care Plan

1454. Equal Health Care for Women

1455. Telemedicine and Telehealth

1456. Disclosure of Provider Status

1457. Provisional Credentialing Status

1458. Provider Network Contract Arrangements

1459. [Reserved]

1460. Standards Required Regarding Certain Physician Rankings by Health Benefit Plans

1461 to 1466. [Reserved]

1467. Out-of-Network Claim Dispute Resolution

1468 to 1500. [Reserved]

Subtitle G. Health Coverage Availability

1501. Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act

1502. Health Benefit Plans for Children

1503. Coverage of Certain Students

1504. Medical Child Support

1505. Group Insurance Plans for Persons 65 Years of Age or Older

1506. Texas Health Insurance Pool

1507. Consumer Choice of Benefits Plan

1508. Healthy Texas Program

1509 to 1549. [Reserved]

Subtitle H. Health Benefits and Other Coverages for Governmental Employees

1550. Certain Requirements for Insurers Contracting with Governmental Entities

1551. Texas Employees Group Benefits Act

1552. Group Long-Term Care Insurance for State Employees

1553 to 1559. [Reserved]

1560. Delivery of Prescription Drugs by Mail

1561 to 1574. [Reserved]

1575. Texas Public School Employees Group Benefits Program

1576. Group Long-Term Care Insurance for Public School Employees

1577. Required Availability of Insurance for School District Employees and Retirees

1578. Purchase of Insurance by Association of Teachers and School Administrators

1579. Texas School Employees Uniform Group Health Coverage

1580. Active Employee Health Coverage or Compensation Supplementation [Repealed]

1581. Employer Expenditures for School Employee Health Coverage Plans

1582 to 1600. [Reserved]

1601. Uniform Insurance Benefits Act for Employees of the University of Texas System and
the Texas A & M University System

1602 to 1624. [Reserved]

1625. Transfer Between Certain Governmental Programs

1626 to 1650. [Reserved]

Subtitle I. Specialized Coverages

1651. Long-Term Care Benefit Plans

1652. Medicare Supplement Benefit Plans

1653. High Deductible Health Plan

1654 to 1659. [Reserved]

Subtitle J. Health Information Technology

1660. Electronic Data Exchange

1661. Information Technology

Subtitle K. Health Care Sharing Ministries

1681. Health Care Sharing Ministries

Subtitle L. Qualified Health Plan Mandatory Disclosures

1693. Qualified Health Plan Identification Cards

Title 9. Provisions Applicable to Life and Health Coverages

1701. Policy Forms

Title 10. Property and Casualty Insurance

Subtitle A. General Provisions

1801. Property and Casualty Insurance Legislative Oversight Committee [Repealed]

1802. Property and Casualty Insurance Initiatives Task Force

1803. Reports of Insurance Coverage for State Agencies

1804. Rates and Forms for National Defense Projects

1805. Joint Underwriting and Advisory Organizations

1806. Prohibited Practices and Rebates Related to Policies

1807. Applicability to Marine Insurance

1808 to 1809. [Reserved]

1810. Promotional Event Prize Programs

1811. Certificates of Property and Casualty Insurance

1812. Availability of Specimen Policies

1813 to 1900. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Liability Insurance for Physicians and Health Care Providers

1901. Professional Liability Insurance for Physicians and Health Care Providers

1902. Certain Liability Coverage for Physicians and Health Care Providers

1903. Loss Control Information and Services

1904 to 1950. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Automobile Insurance

1951. General Provisions: Automobile Insurance

1952. Policy Provisions and Forms for Automobile Insurance

1953. Rate Regulation and Ratemaking for Automobile Insurance

1954. Insurance for Transportation Network Company Drivers

1955 to 2000. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Fire Insurance and Allied Lines,

Including Residential Property Insurance

2001. General Provisions: Fire Insurance and Allied Lines, Including Residential Property

2002. Policy Provisions and Forms for Fire Insurance and Allied Lines, Including Residential Property Insurance

2003. Procedures for Evaluating Fire Loss Risk

2004. Residential Property Insurance in Underserved Areas

2005. Home Warranty and Home Protection Insurance

2006. Premium Rate Discounts and Rating Programs

2007. Assessment for Rural Fire Protection

2008. Coverage for Certain Damage to Property Built Wholly or Partially over Water 2009 to 2050. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. Workers' Compensation Insurance

2051. General Provisions: Workers' Compensation Insurance

2052. Policy Provisions and Forms for Workers' Compensation Insurance

2053. Rates for Workers' Compensation Insurance

2054. Texas Mutual Insurance Company

2055. Group Purchase of Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

2056 to 2100. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Other Coverage

2101. Coverage for Aircraft

2102 to 2150. [Reserved]

Subtitle G. Pools, Groups, Plans, and Self-Insurance

2151. Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association

2152. Group Insurance in Underserved Areas

2153. Group Marketing of Automobile Insurance for Persons over 55 Years of Age

2154. Volunteer Fire Department Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program

2155 to 2170. [Reserved]

2171. Commercial Group Property Insurance

2172 to 2200. [Reserved]

2201. Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups

2202. Joint Underwriting

2203. Medical Liability Insurance Joint Underwriting Association

2204. Texas Insurance Exchange

2205. Texas Child-Care Facility Liability Pool

2206. Risk Management Pools for Certain Educational Entities

2207. Excess Liability Pools for Counties and Certain Educational Entities

2208. Texas Public Entity Excess Insurance Pool

2209. Texas Nonprofit Organizations Liability Pool

2210. Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

2211. FAIR Plan

2212. Self-Insurance Trusts for Health Care Liability Claims

2213. Self-Insurance Trusts for Banks and Savings and Loan Associations

2214 to 2250. [Reserved]

Subtitle H. Ratemaking in General

2251. Rates

2252. Rate Administration

2253. Rating Territories

2254. Premium Refund for Certain Personal Lines

2255 to 2300. [Reserved]

Subtitle I. Policy Forms in General

2301. Policy Forms

Title 11. Title Insurance

Subtitle A. General Provisions

2501. General Provisions

2502. Prohibited Conduct

2503 to 2550. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Organization of Title Insurance Companies

2551. Title Insurers

2552. Attorney's Title Insurance Companies and Title Attorneys

2553. Foreign or Alien Corporations

2554 to 2600. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Financial Solvency

2601. Supervision, Liquidation, Rehabilitation, Reorganization, or Conservation of Title
Insurance Companies and Agents

2602. Texas Title Insurance Guaranty Association

2603 to 2650. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Title Insurance Professionals

2651. Title Insurance Agents and Direct Operations

2652. Escrow Officers

2653 to 2700. [Reserved]

Subtitle E. The Business of Title Insurance

2701. General Provisions

2702. Closing and Settlement

2703. Policy Forms and Premium Rates

2704. Issuance of Policy or Contract; Determination of Insurability

2705 to 2750. [Reserved]

Subtitle F. Title Insurance for Certain Personal Property Interests

2751. Title Insurance for Personal Property Interests

2752 to 3500. [Reserved]

Title 12. Other Coverage

3501. Credit Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

3502. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance

3503. Surety Bonds and Related Instruments

3504 to 4000. [Reserved]

Title 13. Regulation of Professionals

Subtitle A. General Provisions

4001. Agent Licensing in General

4002. Examination of License Applicants

4003. License Expiration and Renewal

4004. Continuing Education

4005. Conduct, Disciplinary Actions, and Sanctions

4006. Disability Probation of Agents

4007. Notice to Department by Certain Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
Regarding Agents

4008. Agent Certification and Education Programs for Complex Insurance Products

4009 to 4050. [Reserved]

Subtitle B. Agents

4051. Property and Casualty Agents

4052. Life and Health Insurance Counselors

4053. Managing General Agents

4054. Life, Accident, and Health Agents

4055. Specialty Agents

4056. Nonresident Agents

4057 to 4100. [Reserved]

Subtitle C. Adjusters

4101. Insurance Adjusters

4102. Public Insurance Adjusters

4103 to 4150. [Reserved]

Subtitle D. Other Professionals

4151. Third-Party Administrators

4152. Reinsurance Intermediaries

4153. Risk Managers

4154. Navigators for Health Benefit Exchanges

Title 14. Utilization Review and Independent Review

4201. Utilization Review Agents

4202. Independent Review Organizations

4203. Prohibited Consultant Activities

Title 15. Interstate Insurance Compacts

5001. Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

5002. Interstate Health Care Compact

Title 20. Regulation of Other Occupations

6001. Fire Extinguisher Service and Installation

6002. Fire Detection and Alarm Device Installation

6003. Fire Protection Sprinkler System Service and Installation

Title 21. Discount Health Care Programs

7001. Registration of Discount Health Care Program Operators

7002. Supplemental Provisions Relating to Discount Health Care Operators

Disposition Table

Derivation Table

Table of Sections Affected by 2019 Legislation (after the 2021 Legislative Session, the 2021 sections affected will be listed.)