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Stories Mediators Tell

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Stories Mediators Tell is a collection of inspirational stories shared by experts in the field who want others to experience the art of mediation. Their stories share advice on how to handle certain situations. The stories were not collected to glorify or to vilify mediation, but to make it accessible to readers generally to share what mediation is about and how certain situations were handled. The authors are motivated by the belief that mediation is not well understood--even its practitioners are often limited to their own experience, particularly given confidentiality strictures.

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Part I Tragedy, Revenge, and Reconnection

1. A Meeting of Strangers, Eric R. Galton

2. Noah’s Gift, Debra Gerardi

3. The Other Sarah, Ben J. Cunningham

4. Rosa and Gordon, Charles W. Crumpton

5. Sarah McCrae, Susan M. Hammer

Part II Surprising Conclusions

6. Duffer v. Mulligan: ¿Quien Es Mas Macho?, Ben J. Cunningham

7. Unexpected Outcomes and Consequences, Lawrence M. Watson, Jr.

Part III The Principle of Unknowability

8. The Buzzard, Jeff Kichaven

9. Cookie Monster, Tracy Allen

10. Something Is Happening Here and You Don’t Know What It Is, Lela P. Love.

Part IV Listening for the Undercurrents and Finding Missing Pieces

11. The Problem of Sharing Space, Jeff Jury

12. The Whistle-Blower: Mediating an Employment Termination Dispute, David A. Hoffman

13. The Bad Boy Who Almost Got Away, Jan Frankel Schau

14. Random Conversation, Margaret Shaw

Part V Staying in the Middle Without Judgment or Favoritism

15. Compassion in Action, Eleanor Barr

16. Doing Something, Peter Miller

Part VI Momentous Shifts

17. Becoming a Believer, Russell Brunson

18. A Day in a Life, Lee Jay Berman

19. All in the Family: A Story of Transformation through Mediation, Kenneth Cloke

20. Conflict Stories: Three Case Studies in Mediation, Kenneth Cloke

Part VII Self-Reflection and Reflection on Practice

21. Mediation as Parallel Seminars: Lessons from the Student Takeover of Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall, Carol B. Liebman

22. A Blunder, Eric R. Galton

23. The Broken Family, Jeffrey Krivis

24. Conversational Shifts, Lela P. Love

25. The Power of an Authentic Story, Lela P. Love

26. Unexpected Events, Margaret Shaw

Part VIII Addressing Issues That Litigation Cannot

27. Tony, Joseph B. Stulberg

28. Sisters of the Precious Blood v. Bristol-Myers, Frank J. Scardilli

29. Glen Cove, Lela P. Love

30. Newcomers and Old-Timers: Lessons We Learn, Karin S. Hobbs

Part IX Beyond Agreements

31. Failed Mediation: A Success Story, Carl S. Kaplan and Carol B. Liebman

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