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Social Services and Related Laws of North Carolina

Publisher: Michie

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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781632815064
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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522125228
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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522125228
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This comprehensive volume is the definitive compilation of annotated statutes of interest to social service professionals in North Carolina. No other publication brings together such a broad range of relevant law in this convenient, easy-to-use format.

This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Chapter 5A. Contempt
Chapter 7A. Judicial Department
Chapter 7B. Juvenile Code
Table of Comparable Sections for Chapter 7A and 7B Prepared by Legislative Services Office
Chapter 8. Evidence
Chapter 12. Statutory Construction
Chapter 14. Criminal Law
Chapter 15A. Criminal Procedure Act
Chapter 20. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 28A. Administration of Decedents' Estates
Chapter 29. Intestate Succession
Chapter 31. Wills
Chapter 32A. Powers of Attorney
Chapter 35. Sterilization Procedures
Chapter 35A. Incompetency and Guardianship
Chapter 36A. Trusts and Trustees
Chapter 48. Adoptions
Table of Comparable Sections for Chapter 48
Chapter 48A. Minors
Chapter 49. Bastardy
Chapter 49A. Rights of Children
Chapter 50. Divorce and Alimony
Chapter 50A. Uniform Child - Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Chapter 50B. Domestic Violence
Chapter 51. Marriage
Chapter 52. Powers and Liabilities of Married Persons
Chapter 52A. Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act
Chapter 52B. Uniform Premarital Agreement Act
Chapter 52C. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Chapter 58. Insurance
Chapter 62. Public Utilities
Chapter 90. Medicine and Allied Occupations
Chapter 95. Department of Labor and Labor Regulations
Chapter 101. Names of Persons
Chapter 105A. Setoff Debt Collection Act
Chapter 108A. Social Services
Chapter 110. Child Welfare
Chapter 111. Aid to the Blind
Chapter 114. Criminal Statistics
Chapter 122C. Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985
Chapter 125. Libraries
Chapter 126. State Personnel System
Chapter 128. Offices and Public Officers
Chapter 130A. Public Health
Chapter 131D. Inspection and Licensing of Facilities
Chapter 131E. Health Care Facilities and Services
Chapter 132. Public Records
Chapter 134A. Youth Services
Chapter 138. Salaries, Fees and Allowances
Chapter 143. State Departments, Institutions, and Commissions
Chapter 143A. State Government Reorganization
Chapter 143B. Executive Organization Act of 1973
Chapter 147. State Officers
Chapter 148. State Prison System
Chapter 150B. Administrative Procedure Act
Chapter 153A. Counties
Chapter 159. Local Government Finance
Chapter 168. Handicapped Persons