Robinson on North Carolina Corporation Law

For more than 30 years, Robinson on North Carolina Corporation Law has ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9780327162599
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781579113223
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781579113223
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For more than 30 years, Robinson on North Carolina Corporation Law has been the authoritative reference on corporation law in North Carolina. Updated with complete coverage of the new laws affecting corporations in North Carolina, the Seventh Edition maintains the style, reliability, and comprehensiveness of the earlier editions. It provides complete coverage of significant case law developments, placing a special emphasis on corporate control and governance.

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Table of contents

I Organization And Powers Of Corporation 
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Formation Of Corporation
Chapter 3 Purposes, Powers, And Privileges
Chapter 4 Bylaws
Chapter 5 Secretary Of State -- Documents Filed
Chapter 6 Structural And Procedural Matters
II Rights And Duties Of Shareholders
Chapter 7 Shareholders Voting Rights
Chapter 8 Shareholders Meetings
Chapter 9 Governance Modification And Change Of Control
Chapter 10 Auxiliary And Procedural Rights Of Shareholders
Chapter 11 Liabilities And Responsibilities Of Shareholders
III Corporate Management: Directors And Officers
Chapter 12 Governance Of Corporation By Board Of Directors
Chapter 13 Composition Of Board Of Directors
Chapter 14 Duties And Liabilities Of Directors
Chapter 15 Rights Of Directors
Chapter 16 Officers And Other Agents
Chapter 17 Derivative Actions
Chapter 18 Indemnification And Exculpation Of Corporate Personnel
IV Financial Matters
Chapter 19 Corporate Finance And Accounting
Chapter 20 Sale And Issuance Of Shares
Chapter 21 Subscriptions
Chapter 22 Distributions: Dividends And Share Acquisitions
V Fundamental Changes
Chapter 23 Amendments To Articles Of Incorporation
Chapter 24 Merger And Share Exchange
Chapter 25 Transfer Of Assets
Chapter 26 Reorganization And Recapitalization
Chapter 27 Dissent And Appraisal
VI Termination
Chapter 28 Dissolution
Chapter 29 Liquidation
VII Foreign Corporations
Chapter 30 Qualification Of Foreign Corporations
Chapter 31 Bases Of Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporations
Chapter 32 Litigation Involving Foreign Corporations
VIII Other Corporations And LLCs
Chapter 33 Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 34 Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 35 Special Corporations
IX Forms