Rhoades & Langer, U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties

The recognized text on all aspects of U.S. taxation of Americans doing business abroad and foreigners investing in the U.S.

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Make Every Foreign Related Transaction Tax-Wise and Trouble Free.

Current and Complete Information You Need to Seek Out Tax Advantages and Avoid Pitfalls.

Rhoades & Langer, U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties features in-depth analysis of all relevant Internal Revenue Code provisions and Treasury Regulations and Rulings, annotated text of every U.S. income tax treaty, as well as key features such as practical examples, diagrams, summary status sheets to identify all treaties and agreements currently in force, concise general rules, and timesaving examples and tables designed to speed and simplify your work.

Format Speeds Research and Makes It Easier To Answer All Your International Tax Questions.

Written by expert, involved authors, Rufus v. Rhoades and Marshall J. Langer, this respected text on all aspects of U.S. taxation of Americans doing business abroad and foreigners investing in the U.S. is easy to use in print, on CD-ROM, and online.

Features include:

  • Subject matter grouped in one location to make it easier to complete your research on any topic and to know that you have seen all relevant material
  • U.S. tax treaties and agreements arranged in alphabetical order, by country; each country is introduced by a status page that lists, in one place, all of the treaties and other agreements in existence
  • A Treaties Alert page to apprise you of significant new developments relating to U.S. tax treaties that have occurred since the prior release
  • Loose-leaf binders that lay flat on your desk; chapters divided into smaller units to make it easier for you to find specific information
  • General Rules that provide you with the essence of complex concepts

    Six Volumes; Loose-leaf; updated 4 times a year.

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  • Authors / Contributors

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts
    Chapter 2 U.S. Citizens Abroad--IRC Section 911
    Chapter 3 Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs): Operations
    Chapter 4 Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs): Constructive Distributions
    Chapter 5 Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs): Sales or Reorganizations
    Chapter 6 Personal Holding Companies
    Chapter 7 Investment Companies
    Chapter 8 U.S. Possessions
    Chapter 9 Foreign Sales Corporations
    Chapter 10 Domestic International Sales Corporations
    Chapter 11 International Boycotts
    Chapter 12 Foreign Tax Credit: Direct Credit
    Chapter 13 Foreign Tax Credit: Deemed-Paid Credit
    Chapter 14 Foreign Tax Credit: Statutory Limitation
    Chapter 15 Foreign Tax Credit: Miscellaneous Issues
    Chapter 16 Foreign Currency Gains and Losses
    Chapter 17 Reorganizations Involving Foreign Corporations (IRC Section 367)
    Chapter 18 Transfer Pricing and Reallocation of Income (IRC Section 482)
    Chapters 19-22 [Reserved]

    Chapter 23 Residency
    Chapter 24 Classification of Entities
    Chapter 25 Rules on the Source of Income
    Chapter 26 Passive Income Rules
    Chapter 27 Withholding on Passive Income
    Chapter 28 Taxation Of U.S. Business Income
    Chapter 29 Miscellaneous Issues Concerning Foreign Persons
    Chapter 30 Offshore Investment Funds
    Chapter 31 U.S. Real Estate Owned by Foreign Persons
    Chapter 32 Foreign Trusts
    Chapter 33 Estate and Gift Taxation of Foreign Persons
    Chapters 34-39 [Reserved]
    APPENDIX ALERT Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation And Tax Treaties

    Chapter 40 Status of U.S. Income Tax Treaties
    Chapter 41 How Income Tax Treaties Work
    Chapter 42 Treaty Coverage and Definitions
    Chapter 43 Treaties Versus the Code
    Chapter 44 Permanent Establishments
    Chapter 45 Business Profits
    Chapter 46 Branch Taxes
    Chapter 47 Transportation Income
    Chapter 48 Real Property Income
    Chapter 49 Investment Income and Reduced Withholding
    Chapter 50 Dividends
    Chapter 51 Interest Income
    Chapter 52 Royalties
    Chapter 53 Gains
    Chapter 54 Limitations on Treaty Shopping
    Chapter 55 Personal Services Income of Independant Contractors, Employees, Entertainers and Athletes
    Chapter 56 Pensions, Annuities, Social Security Benefits and Miscellaneous Personal Services Income
    Chapter 57 Other Income, Capital and Double Taxation Relief
    Chapter 58 Nondiscrimination
    Chapter 59 Mutual Assistance and Competent Authority Procedures
    Chapter 60 Information Exchange and Collection Assistance
    Chapters 61-69 [Reserved]

    Chapter 70 Estate and Gift Tax Treaties
    Chapter 71 Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs)
    Chapter 72 Tax Implementation Agreements with U.S. Possessions
    Chapter 73 Transportation Agreements

    ADEN Aden (ADEN)
    AMSA American Samoa (AMSA)
    ANGL Anguilla (ANGL)
    ANTG Antigua and Barbuda (ANTG)
    ARGN Argentina (ARGN)
    ARMN Armenia (ARMN)
    ARUB Aruba (ARUB)
    AUSL Australia (AUSL)
    AUST Austria (AUST)
    AZER Azerbaijan (AZER)
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    BAHR Bahrain (BAHR)
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    BARB Barbados (BARB)
    BELA Belarus (BELA)
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    BELZ Belize (BELZ)
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    COLM Colombia (COLM)
    COMM Commonwealth of Independent States/ CIS/Former USSR (COMM)
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    COUN Council of Europe/OECD Multilateral (COUN)
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    DOMR Dominican Republic (DOMR)
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    Chapter 1 1996 U.S. Model Income Tax Treaty
    Chapter 2 1996 U.S. Model Income Tax Treaty Technical Explanation
    Chapter 3 Prior 1981 Draft U.S. Model Income Tax Treaty
    Chapter 4 Prior 1981 Draft and Current 1996 U.S. Model Income Tax Treaties: Word-by-Word Comparison
    Chapter 5 1980 U.S. Model Estate and Gift Tax Treaty and Technical Explanation
    Chapter 6 1984 Draft U.S. Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) and Technical Explanation