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Revised Statutes of Nebraska Annotated

Authoritative and fully annotated Nebraska primary law you can rely on.
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (2 issues)
Print Book :38 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement
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ISBN: 9780327117872
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (2 issues)
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Michie's Revised Statutes of Nebraska Annotated is the essential, authoritative and expertly annotated Nebraska primary law reference you can rely on for each and every issue you handle. The RSNA contains authoritative statutory text drawn from the official database of the Nebraska Legislature and the most thorough, detailed, current, and exact annotations to Nebraska statutory law available. It includes:

• 38 hardbound volumes plus current cumulative supplement
• Nebraska Rules of Court Annotated
• Comprehensive index, replaced annually
• Tables, a User's Guide, and other resources to help you research easier and faster

Expert annotations are based on Nebraska Cases and Federal Cases arising in Nebraska, state law reviews, and Nebraska Attorney General Opinions. All case citations are Shepardized for accuracy.

Michie's Nebraska Advance Code Service updates the RSNA with the newest case notes three times each year on a quarterly schedule so you can research confidently with access to the most current case law.

Table of Contents

Volume 3A

Chapter 13. Cities, Counties, and Other Political Sub-divisions.

Chapter 14. Cities of the Metropolitan Class.

Volume 3B

Chapter 15. Cities of the Primary Class.

Chapter 16. Cities of the First Class.

Chapter 17. Cities of the Second Class and Villages.

Volume 5

Chapter 24. Courts; Civil Procedure

Chapter 25. Courts; Civil Procedure (Arts. 1 – 16).

Volume 6

Chapter 25. Courts; Civil Procedure. (Arts. 17 – 34).

Chapter 26. Courts, Municipal; Civil Procedure.

Chapter 27. Courts; Rules of Evidence.

Volume 7A

Chapter 28. Crimes and Punishments (Arts. 1 – 5).

Volume 7B

Chapter 28. Crimes and Punishments (Arts. 6 – 15).

Volume 7C

Chapter 29. Criminal Procedure (Arts. 1 – 21).

Volume 7D

Chapter 29. Criminal Procedure (Arts. 22 – 46).

Volume 10A

Chapter 40. Homesteads.

Chapter 41. Hotels and Inns.

Chapter 42. Husband and Wife.

Chapter 43. Infants and Juveniles (Art. 1).

Volume 10B

Chapter 43. Infants and Juveniles  (Arts. 2 – 46)

Volume 11A

Chapter 44. Insurance  (Arts. 1 – 39).

Volume 11 B

Chapter 44. Insurance (Arts. 40 – 90).

Chapter 45. Interest, Loans, and Debt.

Volume 13A

Chapter 49. Law.

Chapter 50. Legislature.

Chapter 51. Libraries and Museums.

Chapter 52. Liens.

Chapter 53. Liquors.

Volume 13B

Chapter 54. Livestock.

Chapter 55. Militia.

Chapter 56. Milldams.

Volume 14A

Chapter 57. Minerals, Oil and Gas.

Chapter 58. Money and Financing.

Chapter 59. Monopolies and Unlawful Combinations.

Chapter 60. Motor Vehicles (Arts. 1 – 5).

Volume 14B

Chapter 60. Motor Vehicles (Arts. 6 -31)

Volume 16

Chapter 71. Public Health and Welfare (Arts. 1 – 92)

Volume 20A

Chapter 81. State Administrative Departments (Arts. 1 – 12).

Volume 20B

Chapter 81. State Administrative Departments (Arts. 13 – 37)

Chapter 82. State Culture and History.

Volume 21A

Volume 21B