Revenue Laws of North Carolina

The laws relating to revenue and taxation in North Carolina that you'll use most often.
Publisher: Michie

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2021 Edition
ISBN: 9781663332035
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2022 Edition
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Revenue Laws of North Carolina features statutes from Chapter 105 Taxation, as well as numerous related statutes, all extracted directly from the annotated and official General Statutes of North Carolina.

Features of this Edition include:

•  Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation
•  Extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law
•  Annual replacement edition

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Table of contents

Statutes Affected by Recent Legislation Table

Chapter 105. Taxation
Subchapter I. Levy of Taxes
Subchapter II. Listing, Appraisal, and Assessment of Property and Collection of Taxes on Property.
Subchapter III. Collection of Taxes.
Subchapter IV. Listing of Automobiles.
Subchapter V. Motor Fuel Taxes.
Subchapter VI. Tax Research.
Subchapter VII. Payments Received from Tennessee Valley Authority in Lieu of Taxes.
Subchapter VIII. Local Government Sales And Use Tax.
Subchapter VIII-A. Mecklenburg Local Acts.
Subchapter IX. Multicounty Taxes.

Chapter 105A. Setoff Debt Collection Act

Related Statutes from the following chapters:
Chapter 8. Evidence
Chapter 14. Criminal Law
Chapter 20. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 106. Agriculture
Chapter 115C. Elementary and Secondary Education.
Chapter 119. Gasoline and Oil Inspection and Regulation
Chapter 120. General Assembly
Chapter 143B. Executive Organization Act of 1973
Chapter 153A. Counties.
Chapter 160A. Cities and Towns.
Chapter 165. Veterans
Constitution of North Carolina