Representing the Child Client

Professionals have come to rely on the insightful analysis of practitioner ...
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Professionals have come to rely on the insightful analysis of practitioner and Professor Michael J. Dale. Now in 11 chapters, Professor Dale covers the legal and strategic considerations involved in the representation of children including those who are neglected, dependent or charged with delinquent behavior. The primary topics and issues analyzed include:

  • Delinquency proceedings
  • Dependency proceedings
  • Jail and other institution-related proceedings regarding children
  • Use of child witnesses
  • Proceedings before educational authorities
  • Guardianship and emancipation proceedings For practical guidance, tactics and strategies, turn to Representing the Child Client to feel confident that you are giving your client the best representation available.

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    Table of contents

    Ch 1. Litigation on Behalf of Children in Institutions: Strategic and Legal Considerations
    Ch. 1A Basic Principles of Institutional Liability
    Ch. 2 Legal Rights of Children in Institutions
    Ch. 3 The Legal Status of Minors
    Ch. 4 Representing Children in Dependency Proceedings
    Ch. 5 Representing Children in Juvenile Justice Proceedings
    Ch. 6 Representing Students in School-Related Matters
    Ch. 7 The Child Witness
    Ch. 8 Health Care for Low-Income Children
    Ch. 9 Practical Considerations in Representing Children
    Ch. 10 School Discipline

    First published in 1987.