Rassp & Herlick, California Workers' Compensation Law

Considered by the courts as a leading resource for California workers' compensation, the popular Herlick treatise provides quick answers on this complex area of law.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9780769859132
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7th Edition
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"Although California Workers' Compensation Law has been a standard reference text for decades, it escalated to a much higher level when Robert Rassp became Editor-in-Chief of the Seventh Edition. Mr. Rassp and his team of highly respected contributing writers completely re-wrote this two-volume treatise to increase its utility as the place to begin any legal research on California workers' compensation. Their in-depth understanding of workers' compensation and relentless pursuit of more insight into the nuances of this complex body of law have produced a "must have" treatise for any attorney or physician involved in the treatment of injured workers or in the resolution of their workers' compensation claims."
Carlyle R. Brakensiek, Executive Vice President, California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery

Referred to as the "leading treatise" by the state's appellate courts, the two-volume Rassp & Herlick, California Workers' Compensation law, Seventh Edition, continues the legacy of Stanford D. Herlick, offering the most detailed analysis available of the full range of workers' compensation issues in California. The new Seventh Edition includes:

•   Insightful analysis & commentary from experts in the field
Contributions from Editor-in-Chief Robert G. Rassp, Esq., along with Frederick W. Bray, Esq., Clint W. Feddersen, Esq., Steven M. Green, Esq., Carol L. Joyce, Esq., Hon. Darcy Kosta, David Bryan Leonard, Esq., Jesse N. Rosen, Esq., and Jay Shergill, Esq.

•   New format to help you prepare pleadings and memos
All citations have been reformatted to follow the California Style Manual.

•   SB 863 Special Alerts
Special Alerts summarizing key features of SB 863 have been added.

•   New features: Quick Guide; Trend Alerts; Presumption Chart
A new Quick Guide topical list of key statutes & rules, Trend Alerts for over 40 recent noteworthy panel decisions, and a detailed Presumption Chart for public safety members have been added.

•   Chapter revision ensure quick answers to your every day questions
All chapters now completely rewritten and reorganized with SB 863 reforms.

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Table of contents



CHAPTER 1 The California Plan

CHAPTER 2 Covered Employment

CHAPTER 3 Insurance and Self - Insurance

CHAPTER 4 Medical Treatment

CHAPTER 5 Compensation Rates — Earnings

CHAPTER 6 Temporary Disability Benefits

CHAPTER 7 Permanent Disability Payments

CHAPTER 8 Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund

CHAPTER 9 Death Benefits

CHAPTER 10 The Injury

CHAPTER 11 Penalties

CHAPTER 12 Tort Actions — Subrogation


CHAPTER 13 Jurisdiction

CHAPTER 14 Notice, Statute of Limitations, and Continuing Jurisdiction

CHAPTER 15 Administrative Procedures and Commencement of Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Proceedings

CHAPTER 16 Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Procedure

CHAPTER 17 Liens

CHAPTER 18 Settlements and Case Evaluation

CHAPTER 19 Reconsideration by Workers' Compensation Appeals Board; Administrative Appeals

CHAPTER 20 Review by Appellate and Supreme Court

CHAPTER 21 Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

CHAPTER 22 Collateral Sources