Purchase and Sale of Real Property

Offers a transactional approach to the purchase and sale of all types of property.

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Offers a transactional approach to the purchase and saleof all types of property. From pre-contract throughpost-closing, you'll have all your questions expertlyanswered, whether the property involved is a basicresidence or a complex commercial structure. Includesdiscussion of ownership entities, brokers, binders,options, taxes, financing, environmental issues,contracts, deeds, title, closing, recording, and interstateand foreign ownership transactions.

  • Three volumes of procedural guidance, checklistsand forms from all 50 states and the District ofColumbia
  • Legal and tax analysis volume
  • Separate step-by-step guidance for seller and purchaser
  • State-by-state surveys of property and transfer taxes
  • In-depth analysis of all issues relating to conveyancing of property on a national scale, citing and surveying state and local procedures, statutes, and case law

    First published 1987. loose-leaf; updated withsupplements and revisions.

    3 volumes

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    Table of contents

    VOLUME 12 

    Chapter 1 Seller’s Attorney-Preparing for the Sale

    Chapter 2 Seller’s Attorney-Drafting and Negotiating the Contract
    of Sale

    Chapter 3
    Seller’s Attorney-Preparing for the Closing

    Chapter 4 Seller’s Attorney-C1osing and Post-Closing

    Chapters 5 and 6 [Reserved]

    PART II Procedural Guide for Purchaser’s Attorney

    Chapter 7 Purchaser’s Attorney-Preparing for the Purchase

    Chapter 8 Purchaser’s Attorney-Reviewing and Negotiating the
    Contract of Sale

    Chapter 9 Purchasers’s Attorney-Preparing for the Closing

    Chapter 10 Purchaser’s Attorney-Closing and Post-Closing

    Chapter 11 Financing

    Chapter 12 [Reserved]

    PART III Forms, Checklists and Materials

    Chapter 13 Checklists

    Chapter 14 Brokerage Fonns and Contracts

    Chapter 15 Contracts of Sale, Options and Related Fonns and

    VOLUME 12A

    PART III (Cont’d) Forms, Checklists and Materials

    Chapter 15(Cont’d) Contracts of Sale, Options and Related FOTIns and Materials

    Chapter 16 Deed Forms

    Chapter 17 Mortgage and Other Financing Forms

    Chapter 18 Title Insurance Forms and Endorsements and Related Instruments

    Chapter 19 Pre-Closing Forms

    Chapter 20 Closing Forms

    Chapters 21-23 [Reserved]

    VOLUME 12B

    PART IV The Law

    Chapter 24 Choice of the Entity Acquiring Title to Real Estate

    Chapter 25 Real Estate Brokerage

    Chapter 26 Binders and Other Instruments Initiating the Real Estate Transaction

    Chapter 27 Options

    Chapter 28 Federal Tax Considerations Relating to Transfer and
    Ownership of Real Property

    Chapter 29 Survey of State Transfer and Recording Taxes

    Chapter 30 Survey of State, Real Property Taxes

    Chapter 31 Governmental Regulation

    Chapter 31A Environmental Regulation

    Chapter 32 Formation of the Contract

    Chapter 33 Deeds

    Chapter 34 Property Description, Encroachments and Fixtures; Covenants,
    Restrictions and Easements

    Chapter 35 Title

    Chapter 36 Financing

    Chapter 37 The Closing

    Chapter 38 Risk of Loss; Uniform Vendor and Purchaser Risk Act

    Chapter 39 Breach of Contract of Sale

    Chapter 40 Caveat Emptor, Implied Warranties, and Warranties for
    New Construction

    Chapter 41 Recording of Instruments

    Chapter 42 Interstate Land Sales

    Chapter 43 Foreign Party Transactions

    Appendix A Statutes and Regulations

    Table of Cases