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Proving Damages to the Jury

Publisher: James Publishing

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Proving Damages to the Jury

Big damage awards don't just happen. You need a plan for success.

Any lawyer who has tried a damages case has experienced the quandary: What damage number do I give the jury? Is it enough? Is it too much? How do I ask for it? How do I support it?

To give your clients justice, you need something more than a "hit or miss / hope and go" approach to damages. You need an intelligent damages strategy that encompasses every phase of the litigation and trial. Proving Damages to the Jury gives you that strategy.

Relying on a solid foundation of current jury science research and more than 30 years of courtroom experience, author Jim Wren walks you through every step of your damages case, from the initial screening of a potential client to closing argument at trial. These abbreviated excerpts are just a sampling of what you will learn:

•   Discovery •   Visuals •   Voir Dire •   Opening Statement •   Cross-Examination •   Closing Argument

Table of Contents

Why Jurors Assess Big Damages
Credibility Is Vital for Maximizing Damages
The Language Keys to Communicating Damages
Group Formation With the Jury
Client Interview and Investigation
Valuations and Damages Models
Consider Daubert When Selecting Experts
Working With Damages Experts
Delving Into the Story
Discovery Tactics to Maximize Damages
Developing Your Visual Strategy
Testing Damages Before Trial
Handling Evidentiary Issues
Voir Dire
Opening Statement
Direct Examination
Cross Examination
Closing Argument
Punitive Damages
Confronting Difficult Issues
Scientific Proof of Injury
Economic Loss Rule