Proven Jury Arguments & Evidence

Juror biases, juror questions that counsel must answer, thematic options, jury analogies, most important witnesses, demonstrative evidence checklists, how to argue damages, high-risk jurors. 10-minute voir dire, and questions to avoid—all specific to case type.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Proven Jury Arguments & Evidence

Dr. Karen Lisko has observed the deliberations of hundreds of mock juries in over 25 years of helping attorneys develop case strategies. She has also conducted scores of post-trial interviews with actual jurors. Her research findings have been compiled in Proven Jury Arguments & Evidence. This helpful book provides general recommendations for persuading all types of juries, and offers detailed advice for the following 9 types of cases:


•   Auto accidents
•   Police misconduct
•   Slips and falls
•   Medical malpractice
•   Products liability


•   Breach of business supply contract
•   Breach/delay of construction contract


•   Race discrimination
•   Sexual harassment

Learn about jury biases and key questions, what case elements juries find persuasive, potential winning case themes, effective case analogies, most important witnesses, rules of thumb for arguing damages, high-risk juror profiles, and pattern voir dire questions—all specific to case type and plaintiff or defendant.

Table of Contents

Jury Decision-Making
Auto Accident Litigation—Driver/Pedestrian
Slip and Fall Litigation
Medical Malpractice—Emergency Room (Undiagnosed Condition)
Police Negligence/Misconduct Litigation
Products Liability—Failure to Warn (OTC Pain Reliever)
Breach of Business Supply Contract
Breach of Construction Contract—Construction Delay
Bad Faith Breach of Insurance Contract
Wrongful Termination—Race Discrimination
Sexual Harassment