Products Liability Practice Guide

This practice guide provides an unparalleled collection of winning strategies and tactics for an entire range of products.

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ISBN: 9780820515472
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With each chapter written by an experienced plaintiff or defense attorney, this practice guide provides an unparalleled collection of winning strategies and tactics for an entire range of products.

•  Step-by-step guidance through each phase of a products liability case from the initial fact-gathering process, to use of forensic experts, to effective trial strategy
•  Chapter-by-chapter topical treatment of specific products, from asbestos, all-terrain vehicles, clothing and contraceptives, to toys, airplanes, tobacco, firearms and more
•  Practice aids throughout, including: checklists, forms, commentary, trial pointers, sample pleadings and research guides

The ideal companion to Frumer and Friedman's Products Liability, the classic substantive work in the field.

First published 1988.

John F. Vargo is the primary author and the general editor. Cary Sklaren and Kennon Goff are contributing authors.

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Table of contents

Part I The Products Liability Case

Chapter 1 The Practice Guide-An Introduction

Chapter 2 Initial Client Interview-ThePlaintiff

Chapter 3 Initial Client Interview-TheDefendant

Chapter 4 Investigation

Chapter 5 Evaluation of the Case

Chapter 6 Theories of Liability

Chapter 7 Types of Defects

Chapter 8 Potential Defendants

Chapter 9 The Liability of Successor Corporations

Chapter 10 Conflicts of Law and Choice of Form

Chapter 11 Preparation of Pleadings

Chapter 12 Product Experts-Plaintiff's View

Chapter 13 Product Experts-Defense View

Chapter 14 Medical Experts-Investigation and Testimony in the Medical Device Case

Chapter 15 Defenses and Bars

Chapter 16 Discovery

Chapter 17 Proving Damages

Chapter 18 Punitive Damages-Plaintiff's View

Chapter 19 Punitive Damages-Defense View

Chapter 20 Trial Strategy-Plaintiff's View

Chapter 21 Trial Strategy-Defense View

Chapter 22 Effective Trial Presentation

Chapter 23 Negotiating a Settlement

Chapter 24 Multiple Litigation

Chapter 25 Appeals

Chapter 26 Products Liability Case History

Chapter 27 Products Liability Insurance

Chapter 28 Manufacturer Product Accident Prevention

Chapter 29 Jury Instructions

Chapters 30-40 [Reserved]

Part II Categories Of Products

Part A Consumer Products

Chapter 41 Clothing

Chapter 42 Tobacco

Chapter 43 Food and Beverages

Chapter 44 Hand Tools

Chapter 45 Household Products

Chapter 46 Lawn Mowers

Chapter 47 Toys and Other Articles for Use by Children

Chapter 48 Kerosene Heaters

Chapter 49 Butane Lighters

Chapters 50-52 [Reserved]

Part B Machinery and Equipment

Chapter 53 Agricultural Equipment

Chapter 54 Building and Construction Equipment

Chapter 55 Industrial (Heavy) Machinery

Chapter 56 Ladders and Scaffolds

Chapter 57 Cranes

Chapter 58 Elevators and Escalators

Chapters 59-61 [Reserved]

Part C Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

Chapter 62 Contraceptives

Chapter 64 Medical Equipment

Chapter 65 Breast Implants

Chapters 66-69 [Reserved]

Part D Recreation

Chapter 70 Amusement Devices

Chapter 71 Recreational and Sports Equipment

Chapter 72 Swimming Pools and Aquatic Injuries

Chapter 73 Bicycles

Chapter 74 All-Terrain Vehicles

Chapters 75-77 [Reserved]

Part E Toxic Substances

Chapter 78 Asbestos

Chapter 79 DES

Chapter 80 Pesticides

Chapters 81-90 [Reserved]

Part F Transportation

Chapter 91 Airplanes

Chapter 92 Automobiles

Chapter 93 Boats and Ships

Chapter 94 Railroads

Chapter 95 Wheels and Tires

Chapter 96 Vehicles Other Than Automobiles

Chapters 97-102 [Reserved]

Part G Weapons

Chapter 103 Firearms