Preparing for Trial in Federal Court

A unique task checklist that provides the what, why, when, and how for structuring the case, discovery techniques, admitting and excluding evidence, using experts, settlement strategies, trial tactics, cost-saving measures for smaller cases, and more.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Preparing for Trial in Federal Court

Increase your efficiency and effectiveness with this federal trial preparation system. This step-by-step shop manual takes you post-pleadings through trial. Loaded with thoughtful practice tips and proven forms, and organized by preparation task, Preparing for Trial in Federal Court literally gives you the what, why, when, and how of readying a federal case for trial:

•   What and Why: Plain English explanations, detailing related rules and case law, along with the reasons for considering the task.
•   When: A thorough discussion of the steps to be completed prior to beginning the task, along with deadlines for the task.
•   How: Detailed steps necessary to effectively complete each task. Includes defenses against the efforts of your opponent.
•   Practice Notes: Strategies, arguments, cautions, and advice learned from decades in the courtroom.

This book also contains over 150 custom-drafted forms that will speed up your drafting assignments:

•   Discovery motions & memoranda
•   Interrogatories & objections
•   Production requests
•   Requests for admission & responses
•   Witness preparation checklists
•   Dispositive motions & memoranda
•   Motions in limine

Table of Contents

Organization and Strategy
Pleading Practice
Planning Conferences and Initial Disclosures
Electronic Discovery
Settlement and ADR
Pretrial Preparation
Jury Issues
Final Trial Preparation
Appeal Issues