Pennsylvania Transactions: Real Estate Transactions

Pennsylvania Transactions: Real Estate is a step-by-step guide covering real estate transactions in Pennsylvania, with each chapter providing a research guide, legal background discussion, a practice guide and forms.

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book:3 volumes, looseleaf, updated annually
ISBN: 9781522130802
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Product description

The source for the procedural guidance and forms you'll need for the transactional areas of your real estate practice. Manage your clients' civil transactions confidently and efficiently. Obtain quick access to practically everything you need to negotiate and handle your clients' transactions with confidence, speed, and authority... from start to finish.

Pennsylvania Transactions: Real Estate is logically organized to help you find current substantive law, practical procedural guidance, or necessary documents and forms. Broken down into comprehensive chapters addressing specific transactions, the guide covers these important subject areas:

• Sales and Settlement
• Construction and Leasing
• Syndication and Development

Benefit from these useful time-saving practice aids:

• Scope – identifies the topics covered, and provides the customer reference to additional materials relevant to those topics.
• Synopsis – provides a table of contents roadmap for each Chapter to assist in narrowing the customer’s search for specific materials;
• Research Guide – provides a list of major federal and state statutes, regulations, legal annotations, and law review articles and other texts concerning the Chapter topics.
• Legal Background – contains a substantive discussion of the relevant law concerning the topics at hand, including citations and cross-references to pertinent authorities
• Practice Guide – provides a step-by-step guide to conducting the particular transactions being addressed, beginning with the Client Interview and continuing through the drafting and execution of the appropriate Forms.
• Forms – each Chapter provides Forms used in connection with the transactions being addressed, which may be modified by the customer to meet the specific needs of their client or situation. Forms include materials drafted by Pennsylvania attorneys (such as contracts, financing agreements or disclosures), official Forms issued by governmental entities, and Forms formatted to comply with court rules (such as pleadings or motions).

Material in this publication is also published in Pennsylvania Transaction Guide: Legal Forms.

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Table of contents


Division One Sales and Settlement

Chapter 1. Investment Planning

Chapter 2. Brokers

Chapter 3. Options

Chapter 4. Sales Agreements

Chapter 5. Exchanges

Chapter 6. Sales Financing

Chapter 7. Mortgages

Chapter 8. Deeds


Division One Sales and Settlement (cont’d)

Chapter 9. Easements and Restrictions on Land Use

Chapter 10. Settlement

Chapter 11. Title Protection

Division Two Construction and Leasing

Chapter 12. Planning and Zoning

Chapter 13. Construction Contracting

Chapter 14. Design Professionals

Chapter 15. Construction Financing

Chapter 16. Mechanics’ and Other Liens

Chapter 17. Property Management


Division Two Construction and Leasing (cont’d)

Chapter 18. Ground Leases

Chapter 19. Commercial Leases

Chapter 20. Residential and General Leasing

Chapter 21. Farms

Chapter 22. Contamination Considerations in Real Property Transactions

Division Three Syndication and Development

Chapter 23. Real Estate Syndicates

Chapter 24. Shopping Centers

Chapter 25. Subdivisions

Chapter 26. Mobile Homes

Chapter 27. Condominiums

Chapter 28. Real Estate Investment Trusts and Real Estate Mortgage Investment