Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Vehicle Law Handbook with Related Statutes

Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Vehicle Law Handbook with Related Statutes covers crimes, vehicle, and related codes summed up in quick-find cheat sheet resources.
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This most recent edition of Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Vehicle Law Handbook with Related Statutes contains the complete, up-to-date Pennsylvania laws you need most on a daily basis, including:

•  Crimes Code (Title 18);
•  Vehicles (Title 75);
•  Highways and Bridges (Title 36);
•  Transportation (Title 67);
•  Related Statutes, including Title 42 and those found in Pennsylvania Criminal Law Digest

All legislative changes made during the previous year are included in the text, and a convenient table helps you see which laws changed and which ones didn't. The Handbook is intuitively organized to help you find the laws you need quickly, with a table of contents, a comprehensive Index and a Quick Find Index on the back cover.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663360670.

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Table of contents

75 Pa.C.S. Vehicles
Part I. Preliminary Provisions
Chapter 1. General Provisions
II. Title, Registration and Licensing
Chapter 11. Certificate of Title and Security Interests
13. Registration of Vehicles
15. Licensing of Drivers
16. Commercial Drivers
17. Financial Responsibility
18. Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud
19. Fees
20. Motor Vehicle Insurance Rate Review Procedures
21. Motor Carriers Road Tax Identification Markers
23. Motor Vehicle Transaction Recovery Fund
III. Operation of Vehicles
Chapter 31. General Provisions
33. Rules of the Road in General
35. Special Vehicles and Pedestrians
37. Miscellaneous Provisions
38. Driving after Imbibing Alcohol or Utilizing Drugs
IV. Vehicle Characteristics
Chapter 41. Equipment Standards
43. Lighting Equipment
45. Other Required Equipment
47. Inspection of Vehicles49. Size, Weight and Load
V. Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 61. Powers of Department and Local Authorities
63. Enforcement
65. Penalties and Disposition of Fines
VI. Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 71. Vehicle Theft and Related Provisions
73. Abandoned Vehicles and Cargos
75. Messenger Service
77. Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles
77A. Operation of Golf Carts
78. Motor Carrier Safety
79. Motorcycles
80. Special Programs
83. Hazardous Materials Transportation
85. Highly Automated Vehicles [Effective April 22, 2019]
89. Pennsylvania Turnpike
90. Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax
91. State Highway Maintenance
92. Transfer of State Highways
93. Supplemental Funding for Municipal Highway Maintenance
94. Liquid Fuels and Fuel Use Tax Enforcement
95. Taxes for Highway Maintenance and Construction
96. Motor Carriers Road Tax
97. Department of Transportation Productivity
98. Motorbus Road Tax Credit or Refund

67 Pa. Code Transportation
Part I. Department of Transportation
Subpart A. Vehicle Code Provisions
Article VII. Vehicle Characteristics
Chapter 153. Lamps, Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment
155. Use and Display of Illuminated Signs
157. Established Sound Levels
159. New Pneumatic Tires
163. Warning Devices
167. Portable Emergency Warning Devices
171. School Buses and School Vehicles
173. Flashing or Revolving Lights on Emergency and Authorized Vehicles
175. Vehicle Equipment and Inspection
179. Oversize and Overweight Loads and Vehicles
181. Hold-Down and Tiedown Devices for Junked Vehicles and Vehicle Hulks
183. Hold-Down and Tiedown Devices for Metal Cargo and Logs
185. Axle Weight Table
187. Movement of Special Vehicles Upon State Highways
189. Hauling in Excess of Posted Weight Limit
191. Authorization to Use Bridges Posted Due to Condition of Bridge
193. Authorization to Use Highways Posted Due to Traffic Conditions
195. Tow Truck Identification Signs
VIII. Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 227. Seizure of Registration Plate and Card and Drivers’ License
229. Interstate Motor Carrier Safety Requirements
231. Intrastate Motor Carrier Safety Requirements

Subpart B. Nonvehicle Code Provisions
Chapter 403. Hazardous Material Transportation

18 Pa.C.S. Crimes and Offenses
Part I. Preliminary Provisions
Chapter 1. General Provisions
3. Culpability
5. General Principles of Justification
9. Inchoate Crimes
11. Authorized Disposition of Offenders
II. Definition of Specific Offenses

Article A. Offenses Against Existence or Stability of Government
Chapter 21. Offenses Against the Flag

Article B. Offenses Involving Danger to the Person
Chapter 23. General Provisions
25. Criminal Homicide
26. Crimes Against Unborn Child
27. Assault
28. Antihazing
29. Kidnapping
30. Trafficking of Persons
31. Sexual Offenses
32. Abortion

Article C. Offenses Against Property
Chapter 33. Arson, Criminal Mischief and Other Property Destruction
35. Burglary and Other Criminal Intrusion
37. Robbery
Chapter 39. Theft and Related Offenses
41. Forgery and Fraudulent Practices

Article D. Offenses Against the Family
Chapter 43. Offenses Against the Family

Article E. Offenses Against Public Administration
Chapter 45. General Provisions
47. Bribery and Corrupt Influence
49. Falsification and Intimidation
51. Obstructing Governmental Operations
53. Abuse of Office

Article F. Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Chapter 55. Riot, Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses
57. Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance
59. Public Indecency

Article G. Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 61. Firearms and Other Dangerous Articles
63. Minors
65. Nuisances
67. Proprietary and Official Rights
69. Public Utilities
71. Sports and Amusements
73. Trade and Commerce
75. Other Offenses
76. Computer Offenses
77. Vehicle Chop Shop and Illegally Obtained and Altered Property
Part III. Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 91. Criminal History Record Information
92. Conflicts of Interest
93. Independent Counsel [Repealed]
94 Crime Victims
95. Independent Counsel

18 P.S. Crimes and Offenses
Chapter 1. Motor Vehicle Chop Shop and Illegally Obtained and Altered Property Act [Repealed]
2. Crime Victims Act
3. Uniform Crime Reporting Act
4. Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact Act
5. Costs of Care of Seized Animals Act
6. Kelsey Smith Act
Rules of Criminal Procedure – Distribution Table
Rules of Criminal Procedure – Derivation Table

234 Pa. Code Rules of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 1. Scope of Rules, Construction and Definitions, Local Rules
2. Investigations
3. Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)
4. Procedures in Summary Cases
5. Pretrial Procedures in Court Cases
6. Trial Procedures in Court Cases
7. Post-Trial Procedures in Court Cases
8. Special Rules for Cases in Which Death Sentence Is Authorized
9. Post-Conviction Collateral Proceedings
10. Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Philadelphia Municipal Court and the Philadelphia Traffic
Court 11. Abolitions and Suspensions

225 Pa. Code Rules of Evidence
Article I. General Provisions
II. Judicial Notice
III. Presumptions
IV. Relevance and Its Limits
V. Privileges
VI. Witnesses
Opinions and Expert Testimony
VIII. Hearsay
IX. Authentication and Identification
X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs

237 Pa. Code Juvenile Rules
Chapter 1. General Provisions
2. Commencement of Proceedings, Arrest Procedures, Written Allegation, and Pre-Adjudicatory Detention
3. Pre-Adjudicatory Procedures
4. Adjudicatory Hearing
5. Dispositional Hearing
6. Post-Dispositional Procedures

3 P.S. Agriculture
Chapter 7A. Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act
8. Dogs and Cats

11 P.S. Children
Chapter 12A. Interstate Compact for Juveniles Act

16 P.S. Counties
Chapter 1. The County Code
Article XII. Sheriff and Coroner [Repealed]
XII-B. Coroner
XIV. District Attorney, Assistants and Detectives
2. Second Class County Code
Article XII. Sheriff and Coroner
XIV. District Attorney, Assistants and Detectives
3. Counties of the First Class
Article X. Sheriff and Coroner
XII. District Attorney, Assistants and Detectives
4. Other Provisions Concerning Counties
Article IX. Sheriff and Coroner
XIIIA. Public Defenders

22 P.S. Detectives

22 Pa.C.S. Detectives and Private Police
Chapter 5. Private Police
33. Railroad and Street Railway Police
37. Humane Society Police Officers

23 Pa.C.S. Domestic Relations
Part V. Support, Property and Contracts
Chapter 43. Support Matters Generally
VI. Children and Minors
Chapter 52. Uniform Child Abduction Prevention
53. Child Custody
54. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement
Sex Trafficking and Missing and Abducted Children
VII. Abuse of Family
Chapter 61. Protection from Abuse
63. Child Protective Services
65. Newborn Protection

24 P.S. Education
Chapter 1. Public School Code of 1949
Article VII. Grounds and Buildings
XIII. Pupils and Attendance
XIII-C. School Police and School Resource Officers
20. Health and Safety

30 Pa.C.S. Fish
Part I. General Provisions
Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
3. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
9. Enforcement
II. Fish and Fishing
Chapter 21. General Provisions
23. Fish Restoration and Management
25. Protection of Property and Waters
27. Fishing Licenses
III. Boats and Boating
Chapter 51. Preliminary Provisions
53. Registration and Titling of Boats
55. Operation of Boats

34 Pa.C.S. Game
Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
3. Pennsylvania Game Commission
5. Fiscal Affairs
7. Property and Buildings
9. Enforcement
21. Game or Wildlife Protection
23. Hunting and Furtaking
25. Protection of Property and Persons
27. Hunting and Furtaking Licenses
29. Special Licenses and Permits

35 Pa.C.S. Health and Safety
Part III. Public Safety
Chapter 53. 911 Emergency Communication Services
V. Emergency Management Services
Chapter 73. Commonwealth Services
74. Volunteer Firefighters
75. Local Organizations and Services
77. Miscellaneous Provisions
VI. Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 81. Emergency Medical Services System

35 P.S. Health and Safety
Chapter 2. Registration of Vital Statistics
3. Prevention of Spread of Diseases
3G. Freedom to Breastfeed Act
3H. Clean Indoor Air Act
6. The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act
6A. Expedited Eviction of Drug Traffickers Act
6B. Drugs, Poisons and Dangerous Substances
12. Fires and Fire Prevention
13A. Fireworks Law
20A Counterterrorism Planning, Preparedness and Response Act
23B. Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act
38B. Amber Alert System
50. General Provisions
51. Minors’ Consent to Medical Care
53. Treatment of Rape Victims
54. Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act
56. Uniform Determination of Death Act
57. Adult Protective Services Act
58. Older Adults Protective Services Act
59. Elder Care Payment Restitution Act
64. Medical Marijuana Act

36 P.S. Highways and Bridges
Chapter 1. State Highway System Generally
2. State Highway Law
6. Public Roads in General
8. Bridges

42 Pa.C.S. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
Part II. Organization
Chapter 9. Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts of Common Pleas
11. Community and Municipal Courts
13. Traffic Courts
15. Magisterial District Judges
17. Governance of the System
IV. Financial Matters
Chapter 35. Budget and Finance
37. Facilities and Supplies
V. Administration of Justice Generally
Chapter 41. Administration of Justice
45. Juries and Jurors
Part VI. Actions, Proceedings and Other Matters Generally
Chapter 51. Preliminary Provisions
53. Bases of Jurisdiction and Interstate and International Procedure
55. Limitation of Time
57. Bonds and Recognizances
58. Forfeiture of Assets
59. Depositions and Witnesses
61. Rules of Evidence
62A. Protection of Victims of Sexual Violence or Intimidation
63. Juvenile Matters
65. Habeas Corpus
66. Prisoner Litigation
67A. Recordings by Law Enforcement Officers
68. Forfeitures
VII. Civil Actions and Proceedings
Chapter 83. Particular Rights and Immunities
VIII. Criminal Proceedings
Chapter 87. General Provisions
89. Commencement of Proceedings
91. Detainers and Extradition
93. Trial
95. Post-Trial Matters
97. Sentencing
Sentencing Guidelines (204 Pa. Code Chap. 303)
98. County Intermediate Punishment
99. Other Criminal Provisions

44 Pa.C.S. Law and Justice
Part II. Pennsylvania State Police
Chapter 23. DNA Data and Testing
IV. Other Officers
Chapter 71. Constables

47 P.S. Liquor
Chapter 1. Liquor Code
Article II. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
IV. Licenses and Regulations; Liquor, Alcohol and Malt and Brewed Beverages
VI. Property Illegally Possessed or Used; Forfeitures; Nuisances

50 P.S. Mental Health
Chapter 15. Mental Health Procedures

53 P.S. Municipal and Quasi-Municipal Corporations
Part I. General Municipal Law
Chapter 8. Public Officers and Employees
II. Cities of the First Class
Chapter 44. City of Philadelphia

61 Pa.C.S. Prisons and Parole
Part II. Correctional Institutions
Chapter 11. General Administration
17. County Correctional Institutions
Part III. Inmate Confinement
Chapter 31. Inmate Labor
33. Medical Services
35. Visitation
37. Inmate Prerelease Plans
39. Motivational Boot Camp
41. State Intermediate Punishment
43. Execution Procedure and Method
45. Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive
46. Non-Narcotic Medication Assisted Substance Abuse Treatment Grant Pilot Program
47. Community Corrections Facilities
59. Miscellaneous Provisions
IV. Probation and Parole
Chapter 61. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
63. County Probation Officers’ Firearm Education and Training

62 P.S. Poor Persons and Public Welfare
Chapter 1. Public Welfare Code
Article IV. Public Assistance

63 P.S. Professions and Occupations (State Licensed)
Chapter 11. Pharmacy Act

71 P.S. State Government
Part I. The Administrative Codes and Related Provisions
Chapter 2. The Administrative Code of 1929
Article XXIV. Powers and Duties of the Department of General Services and Its Departmental Administrative and Advisory Boards and Commissions

73 P.S. Trade and Commerce
Chapter 14B. Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act
27. Purchase and Sale of Precious Metals
27A. Scrap Metal Theft Prevention Act
43A. Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania