Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation

By Harry F. Kunselman
Publisher: ALM

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781588524775
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781588524782
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Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation is an important resource for the general practitioner that addresses procedural and substantive issues encountered in commercial litigation. In addition, it serves as a primer for both attorneys and business owners on minimizing risks inherent in business relationships. Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation is a concise overview of commercial litigation, providing detailed research and analysis, and is intended to guide the reader through every stage of a commercial dispute.

•  Pre-Suit Considerations

•  Significant Differences Between State and Federal Practice

•  Discovery Practice and Strategies

•  Breach of Contract and Unjust Enrichment

•  Declaratory Judgments

•  Preliminary Injunctions, Special Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders

•  Covenants Not to Compete

•  Business Torts

•  Claims By and Against Shareholders of Corporations

•  Director and Officer Liability

•  Partnership and Limited Liability Company Disputes

•   Confessions of Judgment and Opening or Striking Confessed Judgments

•  Lender Liability Claims

•  Mechanics’ Liens

•  Collection of Judgments

•  Fraudulent Transfers

•  Indemnification and Contribution

•  Construction Related Claims

•  Actions in Replevin

•  Actions to Quiet Title

•  Oil and Gas Litigation

•  Disputes Relating to Trademarks, Trade Names, and Unfair Competition

•  Compelling and Resisting Arbitration

Also included are forms covering pleadings, discovery, privilege, notices and more.

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