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5th Edition
ISBN: 9780769849485
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781579118389
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5th Edition
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Pennsylvania Civil Practice, Fifth Edition, integrates the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date case law with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's latest Rules of Civil Procedure and practice, referencing Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes, and now offering "practice notes" that guide attorneys through everyday dilemmas, beyond a simple reading of the Rules. The publication compliments electronic research by providing summaries, references and pathways to the LexisNexis™ Total Research System. The Fifth Edition includes a completely revised index and tables of cases and statutes for expedited research.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Courts

Chapter 2 Forms of Action and General Rules

Chapter 3 Venue

Chapter 4 Commencement of Action

Chapter 5 Service of Process

Chapter 6 Statutes of Limitation

Chapter 7 Pleadings

Chapter 8 Parties

Chapter 9 Joinder of Parties and Actions

Chapter 10 Joinder of Added Defendants

Chapter 11 Substitution of Parties

Chapter 12 Intervention

Chapter 13 Interpleader

Chapter 14 Depositions and Discovery

Chapter 15 Comparative Negligence-Contribution-Release

Chapter 16 Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

Chapter 17 Ejectment

Chapter 18 Action to Quiet Title

Chapter 19 Replevin

Chapter 20 Mandamus

Chapter 21 Actions on Mechanics' Liens

Chapter 22 Quo Warranto

Chapter 23 Eminent Domain

Chapter 24 Declaratory Judgment

Chapter 25 Class Actions

Chapter 26 Equity

Chapter 27 Partition

Chapter 28 Confession of Judgment

Chapter 29 Statutory Actions to Conform Confession of Judgments

Chapter 30 Action of Mortgage Foreclosure

Chapter 31 Disposition Prior to Trial

Chapter 32 New Rules on Frivolous Filings and Professional Liability Actions

Chapter 33 Compulsory Arbitration-Appeals from Magisterial District Judges

Chapter 34 Trials-Delay Damages

Chapter 35 Post-Trial Motions

Chapter 36 Appeals

Chapter 37 Revival of Judgments

Chapter 38 Enforcement of Judgments

Chapter 39 Sheriff’s Interpleader

Chapter 40 Abolished and Rescinded Procedures

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes