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Parallel Proceedings

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The term parallel proceedings refers to the simultaneous or successive investigation or litigation of separate criminal, civil, or administrative proceedings commenced by different agencies, different branches of government, or private litigants arising out of a common set of facts.

This book serves as a central repository of statutes, case law, Department of Justice policy, federal agency policy, litigation strategy and ethical considerations involving the investigation, prosecution and resolution of parallel proceedings. The book also addresses recent developments of the law in the filed of international parallel proceedings.

The types of cases most frequently involved in parallel proceedings are reviewed in detail. These include the False Claims Act and Qui Tam proceedings; securities cases; commodities cases; bankruptcy cases; environmental investigations; health care fraud and abuse; tax cases; financial institution fraud; and, claims of third party insurers.

Coverage also includes the evidence-collection tools that facilitate information-sharing in various degrees in parallel proceedings; these include search warrants, grand jury subpoenas, Inspector General subpoenas, Authorized Investigative Demands (AIDs), Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs), the federal discovery rules, administrative summonses and other such discovery mechanisms.

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Chapter 1 -- Introduction

Chapter 2 -- Department of Justice Rules and Policy

Chapter 3 -- Constitutional Issues

Chapter 4 -- Procedural Issues

Chapter 5 -- Types of Cases

Chapter 6 -- Inspector General Subpoenas

Chapter 7 -- International Parallel Proceedings